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If you're asking how to play the note Bb, you play it by pushing the first valve.

If you're asking about what pitch it is, Bb on a typical Trumpet is the same as Ab on a piano.

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Q: What is the note Bb on the trumpet?
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How to play the A note for trumpet?

On a standard Bb trumpet, the fingering for A is 12.

What is the difference between a b flat trumpet and a c trumpet?

A Bb trumpet is in the key of Bb, a C trumpet is in the key of C. When you play a Bb on a Bb trumpet, it sounds a C (concert pitch). When you play a Bb on a C trumpet, it sounds a Bb. C trumpets are in the key of C or concert pitch

Why does a trumpet sound different than a flute even though they're playing the same note?

They are in different keys, a Bb trumpet is in the key of Bb while a Flute is in the key of C. so if you wanted them to sound the same have the trumpet play a Bb and the flute a C

What is the fingering for Bb on the trumpet?

Bb is played with first valve if you are using a standard Bb Trumpet.

Why does a trumpet sound different than a flute when they are playin the same exact note?

A trumpet is pitched in Bb. A flute is pitched in C. If a flute is playing a C, and a Trumpet is playing a C as well, the flute is playing a concert C, while the trumpet is playing a concert Bb. They are the same note on paper, but different concert pitches.

How do you play calvary charge on a trumpet?

The 1st note of a Bb scale, then the 5th. Both are open.

Is the trumpet a Bb instrument?

The trumpet can come in many keys, but Bb is the most common.

What is the frequency of the lowest note a trumpet can play?

The lowest written note in the range of a Bb trumpet is a low Gb. The frequency of this pitch is 184.997Hz.Of course, the true "lowest" note is limited only be the skill of the player.

What is a brass bb trumpet?

If, by "bb" you mean b-flat, that is a trumpet that plays in the key of B-flat, as opposed to a C trumpet or E-flat trumpet.

What key is trumpet in?


What are the fingerings for notes for a trumpet?

There is a link below to a sheet of music with all the notes in the written range of a Bb trumpet. It includes note names and fingerings. Note for non-Bb trumpets: The fingerings for the written notes will stay the same, however the pitches (and names of the notes) will be different.

What is the most common trumpet?

The most common type of trumpet is a Bb trumpet.

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