What is the number for SEC Network for Kentucky Lexington area?

On Time Warner Cable, it's on channel 76 or channel 796 in HD, or the alternate channel 77. On AT&T U-Verse, it's at Channel 607 and 1607 HD, or on the alternate channel 608-610 SD and 1608-1610 HD. ATT&T U-Verse subscribers can also get digital access on WatchESPN and SECNetwork.com. On DirecTV, the SEC Network is on Channel 611, or on the alternate channel 611-1. On Dish, it's on Channel 408, or on the Hopper Channel 404. The alternate channel is on 596-599, or on the Hopper channel 404.1, 404.2 and 404.3. Dish subscribers can also get SEC Network events on WatchESPN and SECNetwork.com. (The digital content is not yet available there for subscribers of DirecTV or Time Warner Cable).