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number of enslaved people

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Economic developments north south 1800 1860?

South enslaved North no

How many enslaved africans were shipped to the Americas between 1520-1860?

12 million

What was the population of the north in 1860?

The population of the North in 1860 was 22,100,100

Between 1820 and 1860 where did many southerners have their wealth invested?

Land and enslaved Africans.

How many africans enslaved during the middle passage between 1520 and 1860?

8 million

Did the north or south have a greater population in 1860?


What was life in the North like from 1800-1860?

crapy for women and blacks

Quickbooks-Support number (+1860.-.288.-.7497 phone number . Is this correct?

Quickbooks-Support number (+1860.-.288.-.7497 phone number

How many factory workers were in the North in 1860?

The North had 10 times the number of factory workers than the South. 90% of them were skilled.

How did people in the north feel about slavery in the 1860's?

they didnt agee that its was a good thing and abloished it in the norte

What did southerners have their money invested in between 1820 and 1860?

Most Southerners had their money invested in enslaved African Americans and farms.

What was the total population of the North in 1860?


Quickbooks-Support-phone number (+1860.-.288.-.7497 phone number-quickbookssupport?

Quickbooks-Support-phone number (+1860.-.288.-.7497 phone number-quickbookssupport

How many people were there in the North and South during the Civil War?

The US population in 1860 was 32 million, 350 thousand.

In 1860 were more african americans enslaved or free?

(in the US) Without even resorting to statistical research: since the year contained in the question is prior to the War Between the States, and since the practice of slavery existed in both the northern states and the southern states, it can safely be deduced that more African-Americans (in North America) were enslaved than there were free at that time.

What was the white population of the south in 1860?

The total number of the white population of the upper south in 1860 was 4,464,501. The total number of the white population of the lower south in 1860 was 3,574,199.

Did the north or south have a bigger population in 1860?

The population was far greater in the North, even counting the number of slaves in the South at full value instead of three-fifths, as the Constitution stipulated.

How many slaves were there by 1860?

There were 304.000 in 1790. By the time it was 1860 the number increased to 3,950,000.

What are the roman numerals for 1860 AD?

The number 1860 can be represented by the Roman numeral MDCCCLX

How many states existed 1860?

In 1860, 33 states existed. At the time, the country was on the brink of war. The divisions of the north and south were reaching a breaking point by 1860.

Election of Lincoln 1860?

Lincoln favored the North He won the votes from the north Both South and North liked it