What is the number of households in Europe?

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What is the total number of households in Europe?


What is the median number of children for 16 households?

It is the mean of the number of children in the households with the 8th and 9th largest number of children.

What is the number of households in Bangladesh in 2008?

The number of households is about 20 million. On average, a household consists of 5.6 persons.

The mean number if people in eight households is 6 What is the total number of people in all 8 households and how do you make the line plot?


Which state has the largest number of households?


What are the number of households in North Carolina?


What is the number of US households with VCR's?


By what percent did the number of households increase from 1990 to 2000?


What is the average number of phones per US households?


Number of households in California?

About 12mm households. I used a census report which indicated the percentage of unmarried households and the number, and then derived the total. also, if there are a bit over 100mm households in the US and a population of 350mm, then you can assume CA is about the same and use 1/3rd the population as a rough estimate of households in any geography that's big enough to mirror the total US. since the population of CA is about 36mm, 12mm works.

Can you divide stimulus dollars by number of households?

Yes, assuming you know how many stimulus dollars you have and how many households need to share those dollars.

How many US households include children?

As of 2006, the US Census Bureau reports a total of 77,402,000 family households. (The remainder are termed "non-family" households). Of this 77.4 million households, 30,201,000 do not have children of their own. 47,201,000 have children of their own. I did not research the number of households with someone else's children (for instance, relatives raising children, foster homes, etc.).

What is the total number of households owning TV sets in India?

As per TAM Annual Universe Update-2010 over 134 million households have TV sets.

In 1980 if there were 17.7 million households with cable and that was 28.5 percent of the households that had cable in 2000 then how many households had cable in 2000?

62,105,263 households.

Whats the number of residences in Orlando FL?

The 2010 census recorded 121,254 households.

What is the estimated number of households in India with satellite or cable connection?

around 83 million

What has the author Robert O Grymes written?

Robert O. Grymes has written: 'Projections of the number of households and families, 1986-2000' -- subject(s): Statistics, Households, Family, Population

How many households on average are in a zip4?

About 5 households

How many households in Canada?

There are about 30,000,000 households in Canada.

How many households don't own dogs?

39% of U.S. households own at least one dog, so 61% of U.S. households don't. Although there are numerous people that have a home, let it be a house bought or rented, a trailer, or an RV, there's also dog owners that don't have a home, so it's really hard to give a NUMBER of "households" that don't have dogs in them, so 61% of U.S. households is about as close as you'll get. I hope this helps.

Total number of households in the us?

Does central Europe have the greatest number of earthquakes?

Europe doesn't have the greatest number of earthquakes.

How many family units in United States?

As of 2013, the number of housing units in the United States was 132,802,859. The number of households in 2013 was 115,226,802.

According to Census 2000 what happened between 1990 and 2000 to the number of linguistically isolated households?

It Increased.....................

How many households in the US have children?

How many households in the U.S. have children

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