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There is only one and it is screwed in to the catalytic converter on the pass side of the engine.

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Q: What is the number of oxygen sensors and location on a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.2l automatic transmission two wheel drive?
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Automatic transmission serial number location 2006 Honda civic?

Automatic transmission serial numbers are found on the front of the housing. It will be displayed on a barcode that will be inlayed on the transmission housing.

Where is the serial number on the transmission?

the serial number is in the pan for automatic trans, and it is in the bell houseing for the manual.

What transmission is in the 1994 ranger automatic 2 wheel drive xlt?

it is a Nissan transmission,but i cant tell you exact model number It's an A4LD transmission.

What is the transmission part number for 1998 Chevy extended cab 1500 pick up?

4L60 is the most common automatic transmission

What is the transmission fluid capacity for international 4700?

Depends on the transmission model. There have been a number of manual and automatic transmissions available for these vehicles.

What is the part number for a 1998 Plymouth DOHC neon transmission?

Automatic 4883102ab manual 4798294

Do a small airplane used a automatic transmission?

They use a fixed, gear reduction transmission which reduces the number of rotations of the propeller from the number of rotations of the crankshift. The pilot doesn't do any shifting.

How to repair 1993 Honda civic speed odometer?

Replace the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) in your transmission. It is the same part number for an automatic transmission and a manual transmission in those year models.

What is the model number of a 1994 Dodge Dakota 2 wd automatic transmission and what years are interchangeble with the '94?

The part number is 2118350

What type of fluid goes in a 1996 ford F250 automatic transmission?

According to the 1996 Ford F-250 owners manual : Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid - Ford part number : XT - 2 - QDX Ford specification : MERCON ( for the C6 / 4R70W / E4OD automatic transmissions )

Where is the location of oxygen sensors on 1997 Cadillac sts?

There are a number of oxygen sensors on the 1997 Cadillac STS. These are found on the firewall, inside the exhaust manifold, and behind the catalytic converter depending on the engine model.

I need to replace the engine and transmission in my 92 Subaru loyale what other years and models will fit?

Any transmission that is bolted to the same engine number. My subaru has an ea82 engine so any transmission that is bolted to an ea82 engine will fit. It has to be the same as far as automatic replacing automatic. Manual replacing manual.

Number of bolts on a 1997 Nissan Altima transmission pan?

The 1997 Nissan Altima 2.4L is equipped with the RE4F04A 4-speed automatic transmission. This transmission fluid pan and gasket assembly has 21-bolt holes.

What type of gm transmission is casting number 24263936 al-380?

It’s a 6L90E 6 speed GM automatic.

What is ATM Sid?

The acronym ATM SID means Automatic Teller Machine System Identification Number. The ATM at any bank has a specific location number. That is what SID is for. It denotes the location of the ATM, through tracking the SID.

What size of transmission does a 1992 Chevy silverado extended cab 4x4 automatic have 1500 series and model number of transmission. what will inner change?

700R4 from 1986 to 1992 should work

What is the transmission model number for 1998 Honda accord?

The 1998 Honda Accord came equipped in a 4 and 6 cylinder engine. Transmission codes include P2A8 manual and BAXA automatic.

Need to know transmission for a 1994 Chevy S-10 blazer 4x4 v-6 automatic vortec engine with a vin number of 1gndt13w1r0152579?

That would be the 4L60E transmission.

What is a 1995 Saturn valve body?

Check out sunbelt valve body builders they specialize in saturns. Their number is 813615560 or at sunbeltvalvebody.comAnother AnswerThe valve body is the part of the automatic transmission that diverts pressurized hydraulic fluid to the different parts of an automatic transmission, causing the transmission to engage and shift. If you haven't had much experience repairing automatic transmissions, it might be best to work with a qualified mechanic to replace the valve body on your Saturn.

What causes transmission fluid to foam up in a 3 speed automatic?

A number of reasons could cause this most likely it is too full

What number of lug nuts does a 1997 Nissan Altima have?

1997 Nissan Altima with the Automatic Transmission - has 4 lug nuts per wheel

Were is the location of the engine indentification number of ford escape?

The engine number (the last eight numbers of the vehicle identification number) is stamped on the engine block, transmission and frame.

How much transmission fluid does 1999 cavalier hold?

3 speed automatic transaxle holds 7.0 quarts 4 speed automatic transaxle holds 9.5 quarts for a manual transmission 2000 and older 2.0 quarts 2001 and newer 1.8 quarts these numbers are aprproximate you may need to add more if necessary. fluid you should use for automatic transmission and manual transmission for cars 2000 and newer should be dextron IIE or dextron III (ATF). fluid for manual transmission for car 1995 throught 1999 should be syncromesh transmission fluid the gm part number is:12345349

What type of transmission for a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2?

There were several transmissions put into your Grand Cherokee and of course the model depends on whether its a manual shift or automatic. You can find the part number stamped on the transmission itself if its an automatic. Look on the drivers side above the fluid pan gasket. On the manual its on a tag near the drain plug. The numbers will have the part number, build date and serial number and you can cross reference this number by calling the dealer.

What size of transmission does a 1992 Chevy silverado 5.0 extended cab automatic have 1500 series and model number of transmission what will inner change?

It has a 4L60E transmission, and that is the only one you can put back in it. BECAUSE of the computer / PCM. / POWER TRAIN CONTROLL MODULE