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Just counting cars - not trucks or SUVs - Automotive News Data Center reports that there were 7,884,601 cars sold in 2008. There were 8,269,351 trucks and SUVs sold, making for a total of 16,153,952 new vehicles sold in 2008. Compared to the 2007calendar year, overall sales were down 2.5%, with car sales down 3% and truck sales down 1.9%. cars .com

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How many new cars sold in 2008 compared to used cars in 2008 R less expensive used cars selling?

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Do cars have to be sold with an owners manual?

Brand new cars must have an owners manual when sold but used cars do not and more often than not there is no owners manual in a used car.

What car is sold most in used car sales?

The used car that is sold the most is the Honda Accord. This is not necessarily a real statistic, it is just a reference to the number one search on Cars.

Is their a minimum number of cars that must be sold per year to retain a used car dealers license in Massachusetts?

You must sell 146 cars to keep your license.

Where are used Toyota Hiluxs sold?

Used Toyota Hiluxs are sold by various sources. There are plenty of car dealerships that sell used cars, in fact, some car dealerships only sell used cars!

How many used cars were sold in the US in 2007?


Do garages have to guarantee used cars when sold?

No. When you buy a vehicle "as is", you get it... as is.

What kind of cars are sold on Cars 4 Sale website?

The kind of cars that are sold on the Cars 4 Sale website are not specific to any make or brand name of vehicle. Cars 4 Sale offers a wide variety of used cars, and some new and like-new cars.

How many used cars was sold in the US last year?


How many used cars sold annually in US?

Click the link.

How many used cars were sold in the US last year?

In 2014, approximately 41,250,000 used cars were sold in the United States of America, according to CNW Market Research. Over the previous 15 years, that number has fluctuated between roughly 36.5 million and 42.6 million units per year.

What kinds of cars can be purchased through Autotrader Used Cars?

There all types of cars available through Autotrader Used Cars. Every person can put up an advertisement with a car that can be sold there. The only requirement is that the car should be used.

How many used vehicles were sold in 2008 in the US?

That number may be very hard to find. I do know that 12 million cars are crushed a year and 9 million are made. The average car on the road is 11 years old, the oldest of any modern time.

Is Carmax a reliable company in which to purchase used cars?

Carmax is very reliable and many cars have been sold by them. This company is highly recommended and their used cars are very reliable and up to date.

Can you buy classic used cars at car shows?

The cars are sometimes sold and sometimes are just for looking. You will have to call them to see what the deal is.

How many used cars were sold in 2006?

Don't know their original source, but, here is the number:

How many used cars were sold in 2005-2006?

i think it is about 19 million

What type of data is used in bar charts?

Bar charts are best for data that can be compared to other data. An example would be the number of cars sold in a particular area. One bar could be for Ford, one for Toyota, and another for VW. The most cars sold would be represented by the longest bar.

How do manufacturers or dealers do to unsold brandnew or used cars?

Do you mean "what do they do"? Old age used cars are taken to an auction and at a point will be sold no matter what the profit or loss. New cars are moved throughout the dealer networks through dealer trades until sold. The older or less desirable cars are the ones you will see bigger rebates and greater incentives to buy.

What kind of certifications should a dealership have in order to sell used cars like a used Honda Civic?

Car dealerships must obtain certification from the government in order to sell used cars. Once certification is obtained, used cars can be sold, such as a Honda Civic.

How many Toyota certified used cars must be sold for bronze level recognition?


Why are used Mercedes sold so cheap?

Used Mercedes cars are often sold at a much lower price than new Mercedes because cars depreciate in value over time. Mercedes are also cheaper when they have traveled more miles, for example.

Which used car classifieds sell the most cars?

The most cars that are sold on classifieds are local classified ads and ones that offer great deals. Using KBB can assist one in finding great deals for used cars.

The question asks what website sells the Cars 2 DVD for my son.?

The cheapest Cars 2 DVD that would be in good condition would be sold from Amazon, used. If you do not want to purchase the DVD used, it would be sold cheapest by Amazon, Target, or Wal-Mart.

How many used cars are sold each year?

I would not have a clue other than to say it is millions.