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Q: What is the official name of colima?
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What state in Mexico has the same name as its capital?

Colima, Colima

Where did colima get its name?


What is the name of the volcano in manzanillo colima?

The inactive, snow-capped volcano is called Nevado de Colima and the active smoke- and lava-spewing one is called Volcan de Colima or Volcan de Fuego de Colima.

What is the capital of Colima?

The state and capital of Colima share the same name. Colima is one of the 32 states that make up Mexico. Colima is a free and sovereign state cand currently has a population of 650 thousand people as of 2010.

Were is the volcano colima what state?

the volcano of colima is in colima,mexico. at one point it acutally belonged to jalisco,mexico but colima took over it. its right on the border of colima and jalisco.

What is the population of Colima?

The population of Colima is 650,555.

What is a colima?

It is the name of both a volcano and a federal state within Mexico.

What type is colima?

I guess you mean "Colima Volcano". It is a stratovolcano.

What is the area of Colima?

The area of Colima is 5,625 square kilometers.

When was Colima created?

Colima was created on 1856-12-09.

What kind of volcano is volcano colima?

the colima volcano is a stratovolcano type

When was Colima Democratic Association created?

Colima Democratic Association was created in 2002.

When was Bert Colima born?

Bert Colima was born on 1902-09-08.

When did Bert Colima die?

Bert Colima died on 1979-10-24.

When was University of Colima created?

University of Colima was created on 1940-09-16.

When was Colima Pygmy Owl created?

Colima Pygmy Owl was created in 1901.

How are Colima and Sangay different?

One way they are different is Sangay is in Ecuador but Colima is in Mexico.

What plates causing the colima volcano to form?

the thing thats causing colima to starve is you

What are the release dates for La ruta del sabor - 2003 Colima Colima Puro Sabor Provincial?

La ruta del sabor - 2003 Colima Colima Puro Sabor Provincial was released on: USA: 8 July 2005

How do you find a person in colima colima Mexico?

Go to Parque el Nevado on Jalisco, and its about 2,000mts

When was Olivia Michel born?

Olivia Michel was born on March 20, 1941, in Colima, Colima, Mexico.

What is the nearest populated city to the Colima volcano in Mexico?

The nearest villages are Los Mazos in the state of Jalisco and El Jabali in the state of Colima. The nearest city is the city of Colima, state capital.

Name three smallest states in Mexico?

The three smallest states in Mexico are: Tlaxcala, Morelos and Colima.

How do you pronounce colima?


What is Nickname for the Volcan de Colima volcano in Mexico?

Volcan de Fuego de Colima (Colima's Fiery Volcano)