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Probably 4.5 Quarts. Park on level surface. Drain out all the oil and remove the filter. Install a new filter and pour in 4 qts. Start the engine and let run for 2 minutes. Shut it off and wait 45 minutes. Check the level and add if needed. Look at how much you added to reach the full mark. You now know how much it holds.

2006-09-08 23:23:29
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What is the oil capacity of a 1991 Chevrolet S10 6 cylinder?

probably 4 or 5 quarts

Where is the oxygen sensor 2000 Chevrolet S10 2wd 4 cylinder?

extended pickup

What is the towing capacity of a 1993 4-cylinder Chevy S10?

2000 pounds max.

What is the engine oil capacity for a Chevy S10 4 cylinder?

The Chevrolet S10 was built over many years. The exact motor oil capacity is dependent on year and engine type. The final production year of the S10 with the S10 pickup with the 2. 2L 4-cylinder was 2003. The 2003 had an engine oil capacity of 4. 5 quarts including the filter.

What is the towing capacity for a 2000 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4?

The stated towing capacity of the 2000 Chevrolet S 10 Blazer is 1500 pounds. There were options available that could raise the towing capacity to 3500 pounds.

What is the towing capacity of a 1995 Chevrolet s10?

3000 pounds

What are symptoms of timing belt slips on 2002 Chevrolet s10?

The 02 Chevy S10 with a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder does not have a timing belt.

How do you tune-up a 2000 Chevy S10 4 cylinder at the distributor end?

The 2000 S10 2.2L 4 cylinder engine has no distributor.

Where is number one cylinder 1992 Chevrolet s10 4.3?

First cylinder in front on drivers side.

How much antifreeze do you put in a 93 s10?

The 1993 Chevrolet S10 pickup was offered in three engine trims. The 2.8L 4-cylinder has a coolant capacity of at least 11.6-qts (quarts). The 2.8L 4-cylinder is 10.6-qts, and the 4.3L V6 is 12.2-qts.

How do you connect the hydraulic to the clutch slave cylinder on a 2000 S10 chev pickup 2.2 4 cylinder?

how do you connect the hyraulic master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder on a 2000 chevy S10 pickup 2.2 4.cylinder

Correct oil for 2000 Chevrolet blazer s10?


How many engine mount Chevrolet s10 2000 have?


What is the estimated MPG for 2000 s10 4 cylinder 2.2 liter automatic transmission?

The 2000 Chevrolet S10 with the 2.2L 4-cylinder and 4-speed automatic has an EPA city estimated economy of 17 miles per gallon. Highway is estimated at 24, for a combined city/highway of 21.4.

How many spark plugs does a 1997 Chevrolet s10 have?

One for each cylinder, six in a six cylinder, four in a four cylinder.

Will a 2000 Chevrolet half ton Bed fit on a 91 S10?


Radiator capacity for a 2000 S10?

check the owners manual for cooling system capacity.

What is the towing capacity for a S10 extended cab 4 cylinder automatic?


What is the oil capacity for a chevrolet S10 2.2l?

4 and 1/2 qts with filter change.

Does a 1988 Chevrolet S10 with a 4 cylinder have a timing belt or a timing chain?

It has a Timing Chain.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1993 Chevrolet S10?

It is on the cylinder head near the thermostat housing.

What is the load capacity for a Chevrolet s-10 truck?

What is the cargo load capacity of a stock 1997 S10 pickup? Thanks

What is the towing capacity for a 2001 Chevy S10 with a 4.3 liter 6 cylinder engine and a 5 speed manual transmission?

The 2001 Chevrolet S 10 4.3 liter six-cylinder engine has a towing capacity of 2500 pounds. The pickup truck hits a tongue weight of 550 pounds.

Fuel tank capacity of a Chevy s10 pu 2w-drive 4-cylinder?

16 gallons.

I would like to know the gas milage for 6 cylinder Chevrolet S10?

I get 12 to 18 mpg with my 91 s10 4.3 4x4 5speed