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go on comma oil website it will give you all the information you require


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12 quarts is the oil capacity..

Oil capacity (quarts) = 4.5

Refrigerant capacity: 26.0 oz R-12. Oil capacity: 7oz mineral oil

if this is a 7.3 powerstroke with turbo the oil capacity is 14,quarts if this a non turboed 7.3 the capacity is 12 quarts

oil capacity for this vehicle is 12 quarts, 14 if u change oil filter

7.3 turbo takes 12 quarts

engine oil capacity on a 7.3 ford engine , depends on the year the engine was made pre powerstroke engines capacity is 12 quarts powerstroke engines capacity is 14 quuarts

V8 5 quarts. Diesel 12 quarts

The 3.0L holds 13 quarts (12 liters).

The engine holds around 12 quarts of 15W40.

11-12 quarts with filter.11-12 quarts with filter.

for a complete oil change, the 2001 bmw 750iL requires 8.5 quarts or 5W30 or 5W40 full synthetic oil.

V8 holds 5 quarts Diesel holds 12 quarts

4.5 pints (72 oz) for the corporate 12 bolt.

V8 holds 5 quarts Diesel holds 12 quarts

If you are dismantling the forks completely, it will take 12 fl. oz. of fork oil. If not, 11 fl. oz.

the price of a genuine vauxhall oil pressure pump for the 2.2 16v with engine code X22XE from my local vauxhall dealer was £169 + vat that price was 4 weeks ago ( 14/12/09 ) cos i had to buy one for mine

Should be 12 Quarts, or 3 Gallons

Between 10 and 12 quarts depending on torque converter size.

The 1985 Chevrolet C10 automatic transmission has a fluid capacity of 12 quarts. The manufacturer recommends that never overfill the transmission oil.

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