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What is the old DS called?


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It was just called Nintendo DS. Then Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL.

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The DS is 20 years old.

The new DS is called DSi.

Normally, you can play new DS games on old DS. But if the games says for DSi only, or for 3DS(will be pubulished soon) only,the it can not play on old DS.

There is no such thing as a DS Lite game they are all just DS games. So, yes, you can play them on the old DS.

DS stands for Double Screen because it has 2 screens.

I have an old nentendo ds aswell they are worth about 50 dollars

the ds lte is smaller but the games are only called ds games not ds lite games

The Hobbit is a very old game, sadly not for Ds.

The DS was first launched November 21, 2004.

Yes you can there is no such thing as a DS lite game they are all just DS games.

you cant do that the ds is too old to do things like that you can only do the stuff on the ds main screen

older that the ds younger than the dsi

Yes. It is just called M3 DS real, but it doesn't mean that there is such thing as a DS real.

yes you can don't worry. you cannot use the ds lite charger on the ds.

No these are only for the DSi. If they were compatible with the DS it would just be called a DS game.

It's 129.99 Old DS are $69, DS Lites are $99 or $129, and DSi are $169

It means dual screen. Since the DS has 2 screens it is called ds or else if it had one screen it might have been called ss or s or something.

You can't downgrade your Nintendo DS system.

It is called Ds lite because it is smaller and lighter than the first Ds :)

Yes there is Mario kart for ds. It is called Mario Kart DS. You should buy it immediately.

You have to get a DS charger it also matters the kind of DS if you have a light or DSI then you HAVE to use a DS charger and if you have the old fashioned one then you can use a GBSP charger

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