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The Rose Bowl is the most famous and oldest College Football game.

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The Rose Bowl is the oldest college bowl game, starting in 1902, and there are three bowl games that started play in 1935 and are tied for second oldest (Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Sun Bowl). Next comes the Cotton Bowl whose first game was in 1937.

The Rose Bowl started in 1902 and is the oldest bowl game.

Of the current bowl games the SUN BOWL is second oldest and started in 19321 as the . The name was changed to . The oldest bowl game is the Rose Bowl which played its first game in 1902, then did not play another game for 13 years. The Rose Bowl has been played every New Year Day since 1916.

Halftime is 20 minutes during a college football bowl game.

Rose Bowl. The first one was played on January 1, 1902.

Shirlee VanDenburg of Battle Creek, MI is the oldest woman (80 years old) to bowl a sanctioned 300 game. The game was bowled on November 28, 2009.

a bowl of sugar or a college football game like the rose bowl.

it not actually a bowl anymore. it is the BCS championship game

The name of the annual FBS bowl game played each postseason in Hawai'i is called the Hawai'i Bowl.

The Greatest College Bowl Game Moments - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010 (DVD premiere)

The first bowl game was the 1902 Rose Bowl between Michigan and Stanford with Michigan winning 49 - 0.

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Game is a post-season college football bowl game played in San Francisco, California

Who holds the most consecutive bowl games won?

the BCS national champ game

ND with 11 losses in BCS bowl games

It has never happened in the same Super Bowl game.

The BCS National Championship game which is the last bowl game of the year.It pits the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the BCS poll.

The top 5 college bowl games are the 5 BSC bowls: 1. BCS National Championship Game 2. Rose Bowl 3. Orange Bowl 4. Sugar Bowl 5. Feista Bowl

it starts after the regular season which ends in december. There is the orange bowl, fiesta bowl, sugar bowl, the rose bowl and the BCS national championship game the last game of the season

Rutgers and Princeton played in the first-ever college football game in 1869.

In the modern era of college football, the championship game is called the "BCS National Championship Game". Each year, the game is moved around between four locations: The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, The Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana, The Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, and The Fiesta Bowl in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If it is a big bowl game it can go high soaring millions. but i mean it varies from time to time.

The term "bowl" originated from the Rose Bowl Stadium, site of the first post-season college football games.

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