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The ring which Romeo gives to Juliet. Everything else belongs to their parents.

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Who is Juliet Capulat from Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet Capulet is one of the leads in "Romeo & Juliet"

What is the authorized heading for the motion picture of Romeo and Juliet that was done in 1968?

Not "Romeo and Juliet", that was 1936. Not "Romeo+Juliet", that was 1996. This one (as most of them are), was "Romeo & Juliet", with an ampersand.

Who plays Juliet in Romeo plus Juliet?

In the 1996 Baz Luhrmann film (which is the only one using the title "Romeo+Juliet" as opposed to "Romeo and Juliet" or "Romeo & Juliet") Juliet is played by Claire Danes.

Who is one of the most important characters of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo. The other one is Juliet, as if you didn't know.

Who is friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet?

he is the one who gets romeo and Juliet to become married

What year was the film Romeo and Juliet made?

There were many versions of Romeo and Juliet, which one do you mean?

What are examples of diction in Romeo and Juliet?

It is all about us and no-one else romeo tells Juliet....

Who is Romeo destined to marry in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo isn't destined to marry anyone. He does fall in love with Juliet. Juliet is the one that is destined to marry Paris.

Where will Romeo and Juliet meet?

Romeo and Juliet met for the first time at a costume party. Before the party, Romeo was into a girl and was in love with her. But when he saw Juliet, he forgot about the other one and Romeo and Juliet instantly fell in love.

In the play 'Romeo and Juliet' how does Friar Lawrence know Romeo and Juliet?

He knows Romeo and Juliet because he is the priest of their church and he is the one who gets them married.

What is one anagnorisis in Romeo and Juliet?

After research it has been decided that there is no such element of classical tragedy in Romeo and Juliet.

What is the importance of the balcony in Romeo and Juliet?

romeo and Juliet state their love for one another for the first time

Who is Capulets niece in romeo and Juliet?

Rosalind, she is the one Romeo sneaks into the party to see when he meets Juliet.

What do critics say about Romeo and Juliet play?

Romeo and Juliet is considered to be one of Shakespeare's better plays.

Why does Juliet think that decision to marry Romeo is rash?

Juliet has only known Romeo for one day.

Epithet in romeo and juliet?

One epithet used in Romeo and Juliet is 'weaker vessels' which represent women. Another epithet is 'star-crossed lovers' which stand for Romeo and Juliet.

Where can one find the 'Romeo and Juliet' trailer?

One can find the Romeo and Juliet trailer on media streaming website Youtube and sites like it. One can also find the Romeo and Juliet trailer on the website Vulture.

What are some movies related to Romeo and Juliet?

Leaving aside the films which are actually called Romeo and Juliet, and which are adaptations of Shakespeare's play (films along these lines were made in 1936, 1955, 1968 and 1996 and there is another one in the works), we have such efforts as Gnomeo and Juliet, Romeu & Julieta, Private Romeo, Romeo & Juliet vs. the Living Dead, Romeo & Juliet in Stanley Park, Romeo vs. Juliet, Roma and Juliet, Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss!, Romeo & Juliet Revisited, Romeo Thinks Again, Tromeo and Juliet, Romeo Loves Juliet . . . But Their Families Hate Each Other!, and Runaway Robots: Romie-O and Julie-8.

What happened in the fight in Romeo and Juliet?

There are three fights in Romeo and Juliet--one in Act 1, one in Act 3, and one in Act 5.

What does PRAT mean in Romeo and Juliet?

That word does not appear in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Maybe it is in some other one.

Who is Romeo in the play of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo is the Montague's one and only son (and child at all). He is also the lover/husband of Juliet (the one and only Capulet daughter and child).

What are common questions about Romeo and Juliet?

Look at the top of this page, just under the question. There you will see "In: Romeo and Juliet". Click on Romeo and Juliet. You will get a list of all the Romeo and Juliet questions on this wiki. Go to page number one and you will see the most common ones.

What event is represented in scene two of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet express their love for one another.'profess' a plus

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