What is the only true oxymoron?

"Happily Married" ?? ;)

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An oxymoron is not limited to one word, it is a meaning of two words that are completely opposite like jumbo shrimp.

Oxymoron's are technically impossible. Therefore jumbo shrimp is not an oxymoron. Shrimp is the name of an animal and that animal can be jumbo. Deafening silence is a much better example.

An Oxymoron, ( plural oxymoron's, and the rarely used Oxymora) is a figure of speech that combines two words normally contradictory terms Famous oxy morons by George Carlin include Military Intelligence and Jumbo Shrimp. I took the liberty of using Jumbo Shrimp from memory and not a list of everything else I took from the internet on oxymoron. I have wondered if a person who takes Oxycontin is an Oxymoron?

Also jumbo means large and shrimp means small. Literally this phrase means large-small. In this usage it refers to the largest of a small seafood called "Shrimp" so it does make sense. Kudos to George Carlin. We miss you pardner

permanent substitute.

hey, we have one of those!

turn-up missing

Oxymoron itself, coming from the Greek words meaning "Sharp" and "Dull". I think they were "Oxys" and "Morus"...

from the old Cartoon Network show "Sheep in the Big City", two characters: General Specific and Private Public

military intelligence (just kidding!)

a free lunch

Microsoft Works

Act Naturally

Jumbo Shrimp

Chocolate 'Nilla wafers