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It's Simple and Clean, but that's not the full version. You should look it up on

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Which one cause kingdom hearts 1 is simple and clean, and kingdom hearts 2 is Passion/ Sanctuary

in kingdom hearts 1 the song is simple and clean and its sung by utada hikaru and in kingdom hearts 2 the song is passion also sung by utada hikaru

The Kingdom Hearts 1 theme song is "Simple and Clean" and the Kingdom Hearts 2 theme song is "Sanctuary" (aka "Hikari" for Simple and Clean and "Passion" for Sanctuary). They keep those songs throughout the series.

Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru

In Kingdom Hearts 1, you need to beat Ansem, in Kingdom Hearts 2, you need to beat Xemnas.

You cannot play as him in kingdom hearts 1 but you can in kingdom hearts: chain of memories.

Kingdom Hearts Manga(published by TokyoPop) Kingdom Hearts (vol. 1-4)Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (vol. 1-2)Kingdom Hearts II (vol. 1-4)Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (unreleased)

No. Kingdom Hearts 1 is only for the PS2.

The first instalment of the Kingdom Hearts saga is titled: Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 1. this is what order the games are in (Plus the newest games) # Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep # Kingdom Hearts # Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories # Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days # Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Coded--I think goes in between KH 1 and Chain of Memories?

I think KIngdom Hearts 1 is better.

Kingdom Hearts 1 is for the PlayStation 2 or PS2.

Alice appears in Kingdom Hearts 1.

There are no codes for Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdoms Hearts 1 is out. Kingdom Hearts 2 is out. Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out in July something or its probably already out.

kingdom hearts 1&2- ps2kingdom hearts 357/8 -dskingdom hearts re coded -dskingdom hearts birth by sleep - PSPkingdom hearts 3D- 3ds

Well... theres two as I see as the main ones. 1. Sanctuary - Utada Hikaru. As this is the opening song. 2. Hikari- Kingdom Hearts orcastra version - Utada Hikaru. The end song that plays when Sora an Riku go through the door to light, back to Kairi, King Mickey etc on Destiny Island. Hayden Help. x

Here they are: 1. Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 3. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories 4. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 5. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 6. Kingdom Hearts II 7: Kingdom Hearts Coded 8: Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

buy kingdom hearts 2 and beat that

kingdom hearts 1, kingdom hearts 1 final mix, kingdom heats 2, kingdom hearts 2 final mix, and kingdom hearts birth by sleep, 358/2 days, and coded i think come out at about the same time.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was the first Kingdom Hearts title after Kingdom Hearts, it was originally released on the Nintendo Advance/SP but they later rereleased it for the PlayStation 2.

Sora was not asleep at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1. He did not go to sleep until the end of Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories and awakes at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2.

No, it is impossible to get or find cheats for kingdom hearts well not in Kingdom hearts2 or 1.

Kingdom Hearts (original) (English) Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Japanese/English)

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