What is the opening song from the movie Shrek?


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Allstar by Smash Mouth is the opening song in Shrek.

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The opening song played in the Shrek movie is All Star by Smash Mouth. Smash Mouth also did the song I'm a Believer for the closing credits.

The song from Led Zeppelin that was in Shrek the Third was the "Immigrant Song".

In the movie "Shrek", the song "Hallelujah" was sung by John Cale.

That depends on which Shrek movie. In the first Shrek movie the beginning song to start it off was "All Star" by Smash Mouth. In the second Shrek movie it was "Accidently in Love" by Counting Crows

In the begining of the movie Shrek, which of the songs below is the one that opens the movie: All Star (by Smash Mouth)

What is the opening song, when she is waking up, from the movie Stepmother with Julia Roberts?

The opening song in the movie "Driven" is "Good Time" by Leroy.

Shrek is in Shrek! :P

The opening song is "What'd I Say" by the main man Ray

The opening song in the movie Heartbreak Ridge (with Clint Eastwood) is "Sea of Heartbreak" by Don Gibson.

Let's Go Crazy is the opening song. Hope this helped (=^_^=)

No. Shrek is a Dreamworks Animation movie not a Pixar movie.

Mike Myers sings it. You can tell it is him by the voice.

Finally figured this out today. The opening credits song is the song "Sunday" by Sonic Youth.

Shrek Forever After is the last Shrek movie.

The opening song playing behind the credits and the opening scenes is "Anonymous" by Nick Urata

He is still calledShrek, The movie is called Shrek the Third, and he is called Prince Shrek when married to Fiona

The budget of the first movie (Shrek) was $60.000.000 The budget of the second movie (Shrek 2) was $150.000.000 The budget of the third movie (Shrek The Third) was $160.000.000 The budget of the fourth movie (Shrek 4 Ever after) isn't known yet

The first Shrek movie came out in 2001.

Shrek is not a Disney movie, but it was released in 2001.

Opening songs ": "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"

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