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What is the opening song to the movie mother ghost?


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Opening songs ": "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"

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The opening song is "Angels or Devils" by John Richards

The song at the opening of the movie is "Angels or Devils" by Dishwalla. One version of the song is on the cd Opaline and the piano version (used at the beginning of the movie) is on the live cd Live... Greetings from the Flow State.

name of the last song in the movie ghost

Unchained Melody is the theme song for Ghost.

What is the opening song, when she is waking up, from the movie Stepmother with Julia Roberts?

The opening song in the movie "Driven" is "Good Time" by Leroy.

Allstar by Smash Mouth is the opening song in Shrek.

The opening song is "What'd I Say" by the main man Ray

The opening song in the movie Heartbreak Ridge (with Clint Eastwood) is "Sea of Heartbreak" by Don Gibson.

Let's Go Crazy is the opening song. Hope this helped (=^_^=)

Finally figured this out today. The opening credits song is the song "Sunday" by Sonic Youth.

The opening song playing behind the credits and the opening scenes is "Anonymous" by Nick Urata

Unchained Melody- it would make a nice theme song for something about the events of the late fall of l98l by the way. Run dead slow and- Watch Out For Broken Ties!

"Bring It On: In It To Win It" is the third of the "Bring It On" movies. The opening song of this movie is Ashley Tisdale's "Be Good To Me".

If it's the same movie I'm thinking of, it was Due Date

The song is by The National and is called "Start a War."

Callin out by Lyrics born

Jerome Ritchie sings the song from a recording from 1997.

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