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Q: What is the opposite of bien?
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Related questions

What is the opposite of the word bien?


What is the opposite of Trรจs bien?

Très mal

What is the opposite of malo in spanish?


What is the opposite of mal?

Vous vous sentez mal, ou vous allez bien.

How to say ok in spanish?

estar bien or esta bien

How do you say 'stay well' in French?

Restez bien

What does bien entendu mean?

bien entendu means 'of course', bien entendu.

Is bien and muy bien mean the same thing?

Bien=good/well Muy bien=very good/well

When was Coupรฉs bien net et bien carrรฉ created?

Coupés bien net et bien carré was created on 2007-10-01.

Is it bien venito or bien Benito It is to do with Christmas saying like Feliz Navidad?

Bien benito

What is the birth name of Walter Bien?

Walter Bien's birth name is Walter Nathen Bien.

What to say of someone says bien bien in spanish?

As in a question:A: ¿Bien, bien?B: Sí, súper. As in a sort of affirmation:A: Bien, bienB: ¡Eso es bueno! Me alegra.

Translate fine how are you in spanish?

Bien, et tu? (informal) Bien, et Usted? (formal) Bien, et tu? (informal) Bien, et Usted? (formal)

C'est bi en what does that mean?

If you mean 'bien', it is an adverb and it means well as in 'well done!' - 'c'est bien!' or 'c'est bien beau' or 'c'est bien fait'.

What is muy bien in French?

"Muy bien" is Spanish for "very well," which is "très bien" in French.

How do you answer tu vas bien?

Bien, merci.

If somebody say muy bien to you what do you say?

if someone had said muy bien to you, you would have had to ask them how they are. muy bien translates into very good it is mainly used when asked como estas? (how are you) you can reply with bien (good) or muy bien (very good)

How do you say 'get well ' in French?

"porte-toi bien / soigne-toi bien / guéris bien"

What does bien mean?

Bien means well or fine.

How do you spell moi bien in spanish?

mui bien

What is bien bien mean in spanish?

Good, good!

What does muy bien mean?

Muy bien means very good. Muy means very, and bien means good.

What does ke bien mean?

ke bien is slang for "qué bien" It translates to "how good" or basically "nice!"

Hey amo estoy bien bien pero tengo que hablar contigo cuando estes online de algo importante ok?

bien bien que mas que me cuentas?

What does bien mean in english?

The word "bien" can be either a French word or a Spanish word. In either of the languages, the word bien translates to the word "well". The word bien could also mean good.