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There are several forms of non-democratic and totalitarian governments: Dictatorship, oligarchy, theocracy, and most forms of monarchy.

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Q: What is the opposite of democracy?
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What is non democracy?

opposite of democracy

What is the opposite of a dynasty?

The opposite of a dynasty is a democracy. Leaders in a democracy are chosen by elections. Leaders in a dynasty are born into their power

What is the opposite of a democracy?

a dictatorship

What is the opposite to democracy?


What is the opposite of an authoritarian government?

The opposite would be a liberal democracy.

Is the US a communist democracy?

The US is NOT a communist democracy. Communism is somewhat the opposite of a democracy, in fact.

Is communism a feature of the social democracy that is common in Europe?

No not at all it is the opposite of democracy.

What is the opposite to absolute monarchy?


What is the opposite of empire?

A "true" democracy.

What is the opposite word of democracy?

Autocracy (in principle)

What is the opposite of representative?

The opposite of representative (typical) would be uncharacteristic, or different.(The opposite of representative democracy is direct democracy.)(The opposite status from a representative is the constituent, or person represented.)

What is the opposite word for oligarchy?

I am not sure of an opposite word for oligarchy, but an opposite government form of oligarchy would most likely be a democracy.

What is an antonym of democracy?

Well antonym means opposite so antonym of democracy is dictatorship. Synonym of dictatorship is Oligarchy Dictatorship(Oligarchy)=Democracy

Why do Iroquois have representative democracy?

because it is opposite of ancient Athens

Is North Korea democracy and a republic?

No. It's the opposite, you might say.

What is the opposite of oligarchy?

seems to me, the opposite of oligarchy (rule by the privileged) would be democracy (rule by the people - by elected representation of course)

How do you use representative democracy in a sentence?

Representative democracy is the opposite of direct democracy, in that the people elect officials to administrate rather than voting for every policy decision. An example of a sentence using the term "representative democracy" is "Every modern democracy is a representative democracy because populations are too large for direct democracy to be practical. "

What other word can you use for communism?

bad, the opposite of democracy, no freedom etc. etc.

What is the opposite government type of communism?

Governments don't actually have opposites, excluding anarchy, the lack of government. However, democracy is often considered the opposite of communism.

Is Democracy the opposite of Autocracy?

No. They are exactly alike in every single way possible. Freedom is Slavery.

How did judaism help democracy grow?

It didn't. Religion is the opposite of democracy, they have since democracy's emergence done nothing but work against enlightenment, freedom and democracy. Neither Judaism nor any other religion have helped democracy grow. The 490 cult did however invent fascism.

Is the government of Saudi Arabia an example of a direct democracy?

No. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, which is a type of dictatorship. The centralization of power in Saudi Arabia is the exact opposite of direct democracy.

What is the opposite of a dictatorship?

The opposite of dictatorship is Democracy. Democracy means you have more rights over and to things like Voting and Belief and Religion. with dictatorship you don't have those things. I'm not sure who gave the above answer but the are totally a wrong a dictatorship is form of government in place in countries who has one ruler and that ruler words or wishes is law! The USA. would be the opposite of a dictatorship

Government in which people have supreme power?

The form of government in which people have the ultimate power is called a democracy. The opposite would be a dictatorship.

What is the opposite of kingdom?

There is no direct opposite of a kingdom or realm.The opposite of a monarchy could be a democracy, although many countries called democracies are actually republics, which do grant great powers to certain individuals.