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What is the opposite of greed?

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The opposite of greed is having the desire to live and obtain what one needs to live and have some of your wants and be content with it.

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What is the opposite of charity?


What is the opposite of sharing?

greed, selfishness

What is the opposite of the word greed?


What is the opposite definition of greed?

Generosity, possibly.

What is beyond Greed?

==new answer== Hate, because it is the opposite of love. We came from light which holds the essence of love.

Did you know that Christianity is not a selfless religion but a greed based religion with rewards and gifts and blessings called Jesus prizes all to satisty your need for greed?

No, I didn't know that. That is quite the opposite from my understanding of Christianity.

What are the example of antithesis?

Antithesis means something that is opposite. Ex1) Heaven and Hell Ex2) Greed and Generosity Hope that helped!

What are the 7 passions of Christ?

It's the opposite of the deadly sins. Instead of greed, caring. Instead of wrath, patience, and so on.

What are sentences of greed?

greed has killed many. and it will kill many more.

What is an example of a metaphor for greed?

There are many different metaphors that can be used for greed. You can say that "I am greed" for example or you can say that "her love was like greed."

Is greed a deadly sin?

Yes the bible says greed is the greed of all evil.

In Greek mythology who is the god of greed?

There is no god of greed. Greed is greed. It was one of the evils that came from Pandora's box, touching every mortal and causing them to become evil. Greed caused people to be greedy.

How do you say greed in Greek?

greed - απληστία (apli̱stía)

Is greed a demon?

Yes! Greed is a human vice.

What is the symbol for greed?

Money is a good symbol for greed.

What are the release dates for Greed - 1999 Greed 1-1?

Greed - 1999 Greed 1-1 was released on: USA: 4 November 1999

If greed is the noun what is the verb?

There is no verb form of the noun 'greed'.

How do you use greed in a sentence?

She had no greed or desir for wordly objects

What is the cause of greed?

the cause of greed is the temptation of material possessions

When did Greed Magazine end?

Greed Magazine ended in 1989.

When was Greed Magazine created?

Greed Magazine was created in 1986.

What is a sentence for the word greed?

She had no greed or desire for worldly objects.

Is greed an adjective?

No. Greed is the noun form. The adjective is greedy.

How do you say greed in Japanese?

欲 (yoku) is "greed" in Japanese.

When was Earl of Greed created?

Earl of Greed was created in 1942.

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