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The opposite of pacifism is warmongering.

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Q: What is the opposite of pacifism?
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How do you use pacifism in a sentence?

how do you use pacifism in a sentence?

What was Mohandas Gandhi most known for?

he was revered for his pacifism,that nothing would be accomplished by fighting, only by talking and respect for opposite views.

What is pacifism?

Pacifism is the doctrine which states that disputes should be settled without recourse to violence.

What do Christians think about pacifism?

The christian religion preaches against violence in solving disputes. This is in agreement to Pacifism

Is pacifism is an area of Czechoslovakia that was taken over by Germany?

The word pacifism means peaceful and it not an area in Czechoslovakia.

Does being a pacifist make you a coward?

Pacifism is in no way related to cowardice. For some, pacifism requires great bravery.

What has the author Edward G Smith written?

Edward G. Smith has written: 'The force of pacifism' -- subject(s): Pacifism

What is the symbol for pacifism?

The Pax Romana

What is opposition to all war?


What religion agrees with pacifism?


Was not advocated by the black panther?


What has the author Omer J Chevrette written?

Omer J. Chevrette has written: 'The excess of pacifism' -- subject(s): Pacifism, War

What is contingent pacifism?

While absolute pacifism admits no exceptions to the rejection of war and violence, contingent pacifism is usually understood as a principled rejection of a particular war. A different version of contingent pacifism can also be understood to hold that pacifism is only an obligation for a particular group of individuals and not for everyone. Contingent pacifism can also be a principled rejection of a particular military system or set of military policies. Contingent pacifists may accept the permissibility or even necessity of war in some circumstances and reject it in others, while absolute pacifists will always and everywhere reject war and violence.

What means refusal to fight in war?


Means refusal to fight in war?


Methods of pacifism?

Turning the other cheek.

What is the belief that no one should fight?


What word could be a synonym for appeasement?


What is it called if you dont like to fight?


What is the belief of not killing anything you don't have to?


What are similarities between ahimsa and pacifism?


What is the religious practice of non violence called?


What is it called when a person hates war?

It is called 'pacifism'

What has the author Richard Pinch Bowles written?

Richard Pinch Bowles has written: 'Socialism, pacifism, mysticism' -- subject(s): Mysticism, Socialism, Pacifism, Knowledge, Theory of (Religion)

Was Michael Jackson a pacifist?

yes he was. he strongly believed in pacifism!