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Obverse, when referring to the sides of an object such as a coin or seal.

Forward, when referring to movement or progression.

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What is the opposite of a reverse fault?

A normal fault is the opposite of a reverse fault.

What is the opposite of lenient?

The opposite could be strict (not lenient), or harsh (the reverse of lenient).

What is the opposite of father in law?

The opposite (reverse) relationship is "son-in-law."The opposite gender is mother-in-law.

Is there another word for antonym?

Opposite, reverse

What is the reverse multiplication?

Division is the opposite of multiplication.

What is the opposite or reverse process of solidification?


What is reverse?

Moving backwards, the opposite of moving forwards.

The square root operation is the what of squaring?

reverse or opposite

What is the opposite or reverse process of condensation?

evaporation sir

What is the force that creates reverse faults?

At a reverse fault, compression forces pushes on rocks from opposite directions.

What is the opposite of receive?

The opposite of receive can be send (a reverse transfer), or the opposite could be deliver (the other action).The opposite of receive (be a recipient) is to give (be a donor).The opposite of receive is give.

The word antonym is synonymous with which other words?

Opposite, reverse...

What is called when you think the opposite of what you want so you get it?

Reverse Psychology

How do you spell opasit?

The correct spelling is "opposite" (the reverse, or across from).

What is the opposite of intrigued?

The opposite of intrigued (not intrigued) could be uninterested or bored. The reverse reaction would be repulsed or repelled.

What is the opposite of effective?

An opposite of effective is obviously "ineffective."However, the direct opposite in some situations is "counterproductive" meaning having the reverse effect of what was intended.

Is the reverse reaction exothermic or endothermic?

The reverse reaction is not always endothermic or exothermic, the reverse reaction is the opposite of whatever the initial reaction is, so if the reaction is endothermic, the reverse reaction is exothermic and vise versa.

What does the prefix dif mean?

The prefix "dif means the opposite of, or reverse.

Stress that pushes a mass of rock in opposite directions?

Reverse fault

What is the meaning of dis in prefix?

not, opposite of, reverse, separate, deprive of, away

What happened if the ammeter connected in opposite polarities?

It shows reverse readings

How do you spell oposit?

The correct spelling is opposite (reverse, completely different).

How do you spell opposit?

The correct spelling is "opposite" (contrary, reverse, or across from).

How do you spell oppestit?

The correct spelling is "opposite" (reverse, contrary, or across from).

What is the opposite of believed?

The opposite of "believed" (thought) could be "known." But the reverse inclination would be disbelieved, doubted, questioned, or rejected.