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What is the origin of boxing day'?

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December 26 is called Boxing Day in England and other countries in the Commonwealth, but it is unknown exactly when it first began.

Boxing Day seems to have originated in the mid nineteenth century in England. Some historians believe the name 'Boxing Day' came about because the boxes placed in churches where parishioners deposited alms (coins) for the poor and needy were opened, and the contents were distributed on December 26, which is also the Feast of St Stephen. (St Stephen was the first Christian martyr.)

Others believe that the Boxing Day tradition originated as a holiday for members of the upper class to give boxes containing food, clothing or money to tradespeople and servants, in much the same way that many employers offer their employees bonuses today. These gifts were usually given in boxes; hence the name 'Boxing Day".

Oxford English Dictionary says this comes from the Christmas box; the verb box meaning: To give a Christmas-box, and then leading to the term boxing-day.

An extension of the above theory is that when Christmas holidays were much shorter than they are today certain services often only had Christmas Day as a holiday and returned to work the day after. These included services such as the mail, newspaper or milk delivery. Householders would give them a Christmas gift or, as it was commonly called, a Christmas box on this day to thank them for their service throughout the year.

The common theme, however, is that Boxing Day has absolutely nothing to do with the sport of boxing.

Likewise, it does not gain its name from the overpowering need to rid the house of an excess of wrappings and mountains of now useless cardboard boxes the day after St Nick arrived to turn a perfectly charming and orderly home into a maelstrom of discarded tissue paper.

The name also has nothing to do with returning unwanted gifts to the stores they came from, despite its common association with hauling about boxes on the day after Christmas.
as after Christmas families had extra food left over so they would put it into boxes and bring it around to their neighbours
It was custom for tradesmen to collect boxes of gifts for charities and homeless. Now its just a holiday boxing day dates back to around 400 A.D. but its true origin remains a mystery.

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In days gone by the term Boxing Day originated from the Upper Classes and their servants.

The servants of the house would wait on their Lord and Masters on Christmas Day, and the following day they would receive their gifts from them. These usually arrived in small boxes, and the day became known as boxes day. Over the years the name changed slightly and is commonly referred to as Boxing Day.

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Is Boxing Day a fight day or a moving day?

Boxing Day is the day right after Christmas Day in many countries. On this day, workers receive gifts from their employers. This is neither a fight day or a moving day, the term "boxing" has a unknown origin.

Who started boxing day?

Boxing day was not started by a person but was started by England. Even though the origin is uncertain England was always popping up when I did a report about Boxing day but it might have been the Romans (I would go with England).

Why is the Boxing Day tsunmia called the Boxing Day tsunmia?

Because it occurred on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

What is madagascar's Boxing Day?

it is a day to celebrate boxing

Which saints day is the boxing day?

Boxing Day is also on t. Stephen's Day. Boxing Day is on the 26th of December every year, which is the day after Christmas.

What is the origin of boxing?

The natural combativeness of men.

Is game open on boxing day?

No they are closed on boxing day

When did Christmas fall on Boxing Day?

By definition, boxing day is the day AFTER Christmas.

What day do you celebrate Boxing Day on?

you celebrate boxing day on December 26

What day was Boxing Day 2010?

Boxing day falls on Sunday in 2010.

Which day is boxing day celebrated on?

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26.

What is the name of the boxing day tsunami?

The most commonly used name for the boxing day tsunamis IS 'The Boxing Day tsunamis 2004'

Does the postman come on Boxing Day?

There is no postal service on Boxing Day.

Has Boxing Day got a song?

No, Boxing Day does not have an official song.

Is boxing day sale on the 26th in Halifax nova scotia?

No. The 26th (Boxing Day) is a Provincial holiday. Stores are not open. Boxing Day (or Boxing Week) sales are held on the following day(s).

Why boxing day is called boxing day?

On this day the Priests used to open the church's charity boxes and distribute them among the poor, so this day is called Boxing Day.

On what date is Boxing Day celebrated?

Boxing Day is observed the day after Christmas, December 26.

What day of the week is Boxing Day this year?

Boxing Day, December 26th 2010, is on a Sunday.

Which day is called Boxing Day?

In some countries, the 26th of December is known as Boxing Day.

Does Japan have Boxing Day?

No, Japan does not recognize Boxing Day as a holiday. It is a normal working day there.

What is anthor name for Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is also called St. Stephens Day

Do Germans Celebrate Boxing Day?

Yes Boxing day is celebrated in Germany.

Do buses run on boxing day?

yes, busses do run on boxing day

What are the Boxing Day colors?

boxing day colours are Amanda angelica Daniella

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