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What is the origin of logic?


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September 14, 2011 11:56AM

I would surmise the Origin of Logic to be the event of Adam & Even in the 'garden'... just after eating the fruit from the forbidden tree; therein gaining knowledge of good and evil. Then, covering themselves and hiding from God as He later returned to the garden.

That chain of events and tracing back to the 'sequence' that led to the whole demise;

  • ...the instructions for existence in the garden
  • ...the half-truth presentation of the serpent
  • ...the 'assessment' and interpretive reasoning surrounding the instructions for this forbidden fruit (buying in to the half-truth)
  • ...the defiant decision to partake
  • ...and ultimately the shame, guilt, and embarrassment for the violation - not to mention the resulting chaos it all brought on.

For want of an apple, too.

These are, after all,