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What is the origin of the bowling term turkey?

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According to, the term originated in the late 1800's when scoring three strikes in a row was much more difficult than it is now. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, Bowling alley proprietors would award a turkey for bowlers who scored three strikes in a row.

In the old days of bowling, scores were lower and strikes did not happen as often as they do now. In the old days, during the holidays, the proprietor of a bowling center would present a live turkey to the first person on a team to bowl three consecutive strikes.

you get a turkey (real) after 3 strikes in a row.. I could use one right now.. I'm hungry

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Te term "Turkey" is used in bowling

Bowling, it's when you get three strikes in a row.

The term for three strikes in a row is called a three bager.for fun bowling a turkey.

The name turkey in ten-pin bowling started in the nineteenth century when the owner of the bowling alley would give a live turkey to a bowler making three strikes in a row during the days just before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is nothing called a "birdie" in bowling. There is however a "turkey" which is to bowl three consecutive strikes in a game.

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