What is the origin of the expression Don't yank my chain?

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According to "How the States Got Their Shapes" on the History Channel, that this phrase comes from old miners who would carry a length of chain with them for a very specific purpose. The bathroom that was used in the lower levels of the mine was actually on wheels on a track so it (along with all the waste) could be moved out of the mine when it was full. It was a common practical joke to unlock the break and push the "honey wagon" down the track while someone was sitting on it. So, miners carried a length of chain to lay in front of one of the wheels to act as a brake in case someone decided to pull this prank. Hence the phrase, "Don't yank my chain?". Especially when I'm pooping.
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What is yank?

Answer . World War 2 expression for United State military, to grab something and jerk it sharply

What is the origin of the expression in like flynn?

It came from the actor erol flynn...he was a Hollywood playboy in his time. He was smooth and suave so if you made a good impression on a girl you were probably going to to be "in like flynn".

What is the origin of the expression 'plain Jane'?

Answer . Plain Jane "unattractive woman" first attested 1912. Plain-spoken first attested 1678. Plain clothes "ordinary dress" (as opposed to military uniform) is from 1822; of police detectives, it is attested from 1842. Plain-song (1513) translates L. cantus planus. . Another possible ( Full Answer )

What is a yank?

An American who lives in the North (especially during the American Civil War) or to Pull, or move with a sudden movement

What is the origin of the expression saved our bacon?

In the pre-18th century, bacon (smoked pork sides, backs, or bellies) was a very important food item as it did not require much care in order to keep fresh and provided important nourishment to all ages. Due to its importance, in any event of catastrophe, pillage, or flight, the bacon was "saved" at ( Full Answer )

How did the expression 'big brother' originate?

Before we were bombarded with the Television reality series, "Big Brother" described any overly-inquisitive or overly-controlling authority figure, or attempts by government to increase surveillance. So where did the term originate?. "Big Brother" is a fictional character in George Orwell's novel " ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression you're pooped?

The origin of pooped, meaning very tired, is unknown. It may be onomatopoetic, recalling the sound of an exhausted sigh. Or it may come from the nautical usage, where to be pooped means to have waves breaking over the poop, or stern-end of your boat, which is an exhausting experience for the crew.

Chains of Indian origin hotels?

Two major hotel chains originated in India. Taj Resorts and Places,based in Mumbai. which converts old palaces into luxury hotels. TheOberoi group is based in Delhi and owns over 30 hotels.

Why did the original Statue of Liberty have chains?

"It never did."- This answer is not correct the Statue of Liberty's original design showed her in chains. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from The French in 1886. It is not by coincidence that this was the same time as the end of the Civil War. There can be no doubt that THE CHAINS REPRESENTED THE ( Full Answer )

Origin of expression In like flint?

Answer . From the 1967 film of the same name. The eponymous hero, played by James Coburn, is a fearless government agent, a super-spy, an American James Bond.. Answer . This phrase is commonly said to be a reference to Errol Flynn, the Australian film actor. Flynn was famous for his romanti ( Full Answer )

Where did the expression saved by the bell originate?

It sounds like it might have originated in Boxing when a fighter who is getting badly beaten gains a respite when the bell for the end of the round rings. I am actually thinking that it came from the plague days, some people were not dead, but they buried them anyway, if they came out of their c ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression nose to the grindstone?

This is a European millers' guild expression to remind the miller that he must maintain a flow a grain between the mill stones, which were traditionally set one above the other. Without any grain between them, the weight of the top stone would strike sparks on the bed stone, and the smell, know as " ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression a horse apiece?

" A horse a piece" is from the Milwaukee area where bar dice are a common game played in local taverns. During certain times of the game a player who loses has "a horse on him". If all players end up with a horse on him, it is said "A horse a piece". This is also a very common phrase in these parts ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression dressed to kill?

This phrase dates from the 1800's. "To kill" refers to the idea of a large degree or a large amount, as in the amount of something it would take to kill you. Dressed FIT TO kill means that you're so well dressed it's going to kill whoever looks at you.

Who was the original singer of Express Yourself?

the song you are probably thinking of is called mr. big stuff. it was originally sung by jean knight. Madonna had a song called express yourself, if that's what you're looking for.

Where did the expression coxie's army originate?

If you google for Coxey's Army, wiki has a page on it. Coxey's name seems to be spelled differently by different sources. It was a small protest of unemployed men in 1894 in the midst of what was then the worst recession in the history of the US. Estimates of participation vary from 500 to thousa ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of yank your chain?

Back when overhead toilet reservoirs were in use, a person finishing his 'business' would have to close the lid before pulling the chain that opened the reservoir to flush. Because they were overhead, the force of the water would cause the water in the toilet bowl to splash out of the bowl. It was c ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression neat as a pin?

In the early 19th. Century, the development of mass production guaranteed a uniformly high quality and finish of consumer products. Formerly hand-made and thus frequently irregular, now, pins were consistently well made and finished.

Where did the expression chewing the fat originate?

In the days when brine was added to barrels of meat, it had ahardending effect on the fat. It was still edible, but it tookconsiderable chewing. So, to "chew the fat" has come to mean totalk endlessly.

What is the origin of the expression 'Jumping Jehosaphat'?

Jehoshaphat (alternately spelled Jehosaphat , Josaphat , or Yehoshafat ; Hebrew: יְהוֹשָׁפָט, Modern Yehoshafat Tiberian Yəhôšāp̄āṭ ; " Jehovah has judged"; Greek: Ιωσαφατ; Latin: Josaphat ) was the fourth king o ( Full Answer )

Origin of chained to the oars?

Galley slaves were literally chained to the oars and remained there until they died or finished their sentence if a criminal.

Where did the expression Going South originate?

To 'go south', as to "vanish, abscond," is 1920s American English, it is the notion of disappearing south to Mexico or Texas to escape pursuit or responsibility, reinforced by Native American belief (attested in colonial writing mid-18c.) that the soul journeys south after death. That a situation is ( Full Answer )

Where did the saying just yanking your chain come from?

In the old gold mining days, when the miners had to use the restroom, they did so on top of a wooden box with a large hole on the top upon where they would sit. The wooden box was built on a mining cart. Sometimes the mines were very dark and as a joke while someone was using the restroom, another m ( Full Answer )

Where does the energy in a food chain originate?

In a green plant . There are photosynthetic organisms beside plants(Cyanobacteria, etc.). The energy for photosynthesis comes from the Sun. There are also organisms that can get energy from chemicals. Such as chemicals released from hydrothermal vents . That energy may have ultimately came from ot ( Full Answer )

Where did the phrase yank your chain come from?

This saying originated deep within mines. Carts were secured to the track by a link of chain. When this chain was removed, the cart could be moved or in many instances, it would move by itself due to load factors or an uneven grade. To "yank my chain" was created when this chain was removed prematur ( Full Answer )

What is the American expression for yanks?

its only people from New York area that are called yanks,its come from people who settled there from holland when New York was first know as new holland.where a lot of the population were called Jan or pronounced yan.so they were called the janks or yanks as its known today,much like we refer to the ( Full Answer )

Where did the pony express originate in?

The Pony Express began on April 3, 1860 from St. Joe, MO, and shut down just 18 months later. It consisted of a string of some 190 relay or stock stations between St. Joe, Missouri, and California. 80 young men, many orphans, and 500 horses made up the Pony Express. The Express made 308 transcontine ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression to turn the tables?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase "to turn the tables" means to switch the players' positions in a game of backgammon, which is where the expression originated from. Each table belongs to a specific player and turning the board would turn the tables, altering the position of the ( Full Answer )

How do you be a yank?

The correct term is actually "Yankee" and while the above is one very biased view of what some believe is a negative term, here is a little information about the term. According to Wikipedia, "Word History: The origin of Yankee has been the subject of much debate, but the most likely source is th ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression plus one?

The expression "plus one" simply means to add 1 to whatever it is applied to. If you are referring to the "+1" sometimes found in comments on forum posts and the like, it is a reference to buttons labelled with "+1" or similar text, used to vote for the post or indicate a positive opinion of the ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression salt of truth?

In older times, the refining of salt from sea brine was poorly controlled. Hence, in the Bible "the salt has lost its savour". Seawater contains many salts, carbonates as well as chlorides, and many metal bases other than sodium, so it is necessary to partly evaporate the salt water, then decant off ( Full Answer )

How do you express feelings to a girl you don't no?

Well, first, I'd just say hi and become friends than, if you are old enough, maybe ask her out. But, dont do it immediatly. I can tell you from personal experience, it's REALLY weird if you do anything like that to a complete stranger.

What is the origin of the expression blind pig?

A blind pig was a speakeasy in Prohibition era America. Basically, it was a place that illegally sold liquor. This name could stem from a practice of charging entrance fees to see something unusual, like a blind pig, and then serve a "complimentary" alcoholic beverage, thus skirting the liquor laws ( Full Answer )

Where did the expressions on the double originate?

It comes form the musical expression "double time" - meaning using note values twice as fast as previously. This was picked up by military marching bands to make troups march to a faster beat......on the double, quick march. The meaning has stretch to also cover = rapidly or immediately

Where did the expression 'off kilter' originate?

it derives from a 15th Century word 'Kilter or Kelter' meaning 'good condition' Further to that origin unknown. Off kilter thus meaning not functioning properly.

Where did the IGA supermarket chain originate?

The IGA supermarket chain began in Poughkeepsie, New York and Sharon, Connecticut. It is now based and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This is a grouping of independent grocery stores.

Where did the Thai Express restaurant chain start?

The Thai Express restaurant chain started in Holland Village in Singapore in the year 2002. It was founded by Grace Goh-lee and Ivan-lee. It serves Thai cuisine in Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia and Australia.

Where did the Novotel hotel chain originate?

Novotel is a popular brand of hotels located primarily in Europe. The first Novotel hotel opened in 1967. The Novotel hotel chain originated in France, where it is still headquartered today.

What is the origin of the expression my mind's made up don't confuse me with the facts?

The earliest evidence appeared in a 1945 article titled "Don'tConfuse Me With Facts!" by Roy S. Durstine in the periodicalAdvertising & Selling. Durstine was a prominent specialist inadvertising, and his article described a meeting between an adagency and a client:. A group from the agency had just ( Full Answer )