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What is the origin of the golf term 'salty'?

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The term is used when someone males a particularly good effort to save par or win a hole.

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What is the origin of the golf term fairway?

I think it may have resulted as opposite as roughs on many courses were deemed "unfair"

What area where fresh water and salty water constanly mix?

The golf of Mexico

Which is the country of origin of golf?

Ireland i believe

Where are ram golf clubs made?

where are ram golf clubs made country of origin

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1. The term evaporation is not adequate for dry ice (solid carbon dioxide); the correct term is sublimation.2. Water remain salty.

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The term "salty dog" would be a kind of slang term for a pirate, rather than an actual dog. Salty, from the salt of the ocean, and a dog because of a predatory nature.

What sport do you use the term housel?

the term "housel" refers to golf. A housel is part of a golf club.

What country is golf most popular in?

Currently, golf is most popular and played in Scotland where its origin lies.

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When someone is being salty, it means that they are upset or embarrassed. The term can also means that someone is disrespectful or mean.

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How did golf come into Australia?

To my understanding golf became popular in the 19th century, spreading globally from the origin of Scotland.

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A billigan is a slang term for a do over in golf. It similar to the term mulligan used in golf. This term was used quite often with President Bill Clinton.

What is the origin of the word 'golf'?

There is an urban myth (and as such probably unsubstantiated) that it is an acronym meaning 'Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden'!

In golf what is the origin of the word 'par'?

It comes from the letter green.

What is the term for the origin and history of a word?

The term is etymology.

What is a golf peg?

A golf peg is another term for a tee (the small wooden or plastic stand that the golf ball rests on)

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