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According to American Green Card "

Green Card HistoryWhat we call a green card today is known through out the world as a work permit for working and living in the United States. We still call it a green card even though it came in a variety of different shapes and colors through out its long history. Indeed, for the same reasons dismissal notices are called "pink slips", sensational news is called "yellow journalism" and false clues are called "red herrings." All these names originated from a once-real object that once did indeed exist.

The green card is officially known as the Alien Registration Receipt Card. The first Green Cards were white and were the product of the Alien Registration Act of 1940. Originally passed as a national defense measure, the act required all aliens to register themselves with the government. They could do this at the post offices, and their registration forms were forwarded to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or the INS. However, the Alien Registration Act did not discriminate against legal and illegal immigrants. All were legal, and all were registered. After the INS processed the forms, the immigrants were sent a receipt form, and in essence, these were the first green cards to be issued.

When World War II ended and immigration once again resumed on a large scale, alien registration was not done at the post offices any more but became part of the normal procedure of immigration, and each type of immigrant was classified by a different permit. This enabled the INS to deal with far less forms and to deal the immigrants with better efficiency. And that then, is where the green card came from. There were several different types of immigrants; workers, students and teachers, and each had a registration permit that showed their status. Those immigrants, who were lucky enough to obtain a permit for permanent residence in the United States, got a green receipt, or, in other words, a green card."

This work was cited from American Green Card .com

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Do US Green holders need a visa to France?

The Green Card has nothing to do with any country outside America. Entry to France depends entirely on the origin of your passport.

How do you get a green card from a spouse having green card?

well ,if your wife got a green card throw the dv lottery- , then you will have a green card aotumaticaly.

When applying for a green card is it legally okay to declare your marital status as single even though your legally married in your country of origin?


Where can one get a green card lawyer?

If one is an immigrant to the United States of America and is in need of a green card so that they may work legally, they need a green card lawyer. Green Card lawyers are found in green card law agencies.

I had a student visa but went out of status Can i marry a green card holder and apply for a green card?

I had a student visa but went out of status Can i marry a green card holder and apply for a green card?"

When is a green card issued in soccer?

Never because there is no green card.

What does the soccer green card mean?

a green card is just a warning

What is the origin of green?


Is green card capitalized?

No, the words green card are not capitalized. A green card is given to someone who is not native to the U.S. but wishes to stay in the country.

Which is good green card or red card?

The green card is good since it allows one to visit the United States and be a citizen of that country. Green can be said to be a better card than red card

Is a green card a permanent residence card?

Yes, "green card" is the slang term, "permanent residency card" is the official name.

How many month immigrant can stay outside US in one year?

Up to six months. But, there were cases that an immigrant went to their country of origin for less than a month and, upon return, had their Green Card revoked because the border officer did not consider them as eligible for a Green Card.

Why is a Green Card called a Green Card if its not green?

Why they call it a Green Card.The first Resident Alien Card (Green Card) had green-stripes on one side and was issued many years ago (1950s). There have been several revisions to the Resident Alien Card with the newest being mostly white in color. The Resident Alien Card version that is carried by most Lawful Permenant Residents is the pink/salmon colored card (second newest card). T

How do you win the green card lottery?

I won green card lottery by internet

Can a green card get revoked?

Yes - serious crime can get a Green Card revoked

What does green carded mean in rugby?

the green card in rugby is a warning card

How do you use card codes in spectrobs origin?

The player must get the card entry machine in spectrobs origin to use the card codes. The player gets the card entry machine after defeating the 4th planet.

What is the US Green Card Lottery?

The US Green Card Lottery is a lottery that randomly decides which applicants receive green cards. A green card is needed to legally stay in the country.

Can a green card holder be deported for credit card fraud?

A green card holder can be deported for any felony.

How can a mother with a green card get her son to usa?

A lawful permanent resident (green card holder) can sponsor a relative for a green card. To sponsor a green card, the petitioner has to file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative with the USCIS.

You came in us with a c1d visa but now you have assylam withholding if you marry with a us citizen you can get a green card or not?

No, You can apply for the Green card but you will still be punished with 3 to 10 years back in your country of origin.I used to work for Carnival Cruise Lines and came here to the US with a C1 visa, got married to my husband 4 years ago, have 2 children and still I can't get my Green Card.All my lawyers advised me not to file for a Green Card and wait for an anmesty because I will be deported anyways.Good luck to you.

After June 2009 can a US green card holder visit Canada with green card only and re enter US with green card only?

yes they can do that

Can i enter the us without my green card?

No as a green card holder already its mandatory to always have your green card handy.In case you have lost it you can get a replacement using the Form I-90. In case the green card was stolen you need to attach a police report along while filing the form for replacement of green card.

Can you enter the US with an expired green card?

No, you have to renew your green card, or you will be turned away

How do you know if your green card is still valid?


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