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What is the origin of the Kia car company?


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Kia has been around since just after the Korean War, just not selling into the USA. today KIA and Hyundia are merged with an excellent design team making real good autos and trucks (yes truck, just not very many imported into USA).Especially the Sedona and Kia sportage for 2007 have excellent track record for good autos.

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Kia is a car company from Kia Korea.

No. The parent company of Kia is actually Hyundai.

KIA is the name of a car company. It also translates into Killed In Action.

The production line of the car Kia Cee'd was started in Slovakia by the car company Kia. They manufacture cheap and poor quality cars for everyone in the world.

Kia Kia is the name of the company in south Korea (2nd largest automotive manufacturer...) its not a name of a car...

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South Korea- they are the countrie's second largest car manufacturer, after Hyundai.

Kia. Kia is the maker of the Sedona.

The company which makes Sportage cars is the Kia car company. The Kia Sportage is a compact crossover SUV. They are very popular vehicles and are known for their easy to handle features.

Greeting Kia is South Korea company.

Personally, I would not buy a used Kia Optima because of the number of recalls that have been associated with this car. The Kia company has recalled the Kia Optima for many different safety measures that are faulty in the vehicle.

The Kia Spectra is a compact car produced by Kia Motors between 2000 and 2009. It succeeded the Kia Sephia and it was replaced by the Kia Forte (also known as Kia Cerato in some markets).

Hyundai is the parent company, they bought Kia in the late 90's.

Kia is becoming a well known car company in today's market. They are offering great deals on well built cars from what they used to make. There are many dealerships in the UK that sell Kia cars.

Kia Motors is, but the US subsidiary is wholly owned by the parent company.

Kia roughly translates to coming out of Asia. It is South Korea's oldest car company. Kia changed its name from Kyungsung Precision Industry, in the early 1950's. It started out as making bicycle parts, but in late 1950s started making motorcycles. They bankrupted in 1997 and 51% of Kia being acquired in 1998 by South Korean rival Hyundai Motor Company. Subsequently, however, Hyundai has divested some of its ownership of Kia Motors, and currently Hyundai Motor Company owns less than 40% of the company.

kia & hyundai, make the engine, both of the company use the same engine

Kia is a car brand centered in South Korea, but it also produces cars for the U.S. Some 2014 Kia models are the Soul, Sportage, and Rio. So yes, a Kia is a car.

A Kia car dealership parts counter.

No, Ford does not own Kia or any percentage of Kia. Kia and Hyundai are both part of the Hyundai Group. Hyundai owns 49.2% of Kia Motors. Ford Motor Company owns a small stake in Mazda and Aston Martin.

The first Kia car ever made was by Matthew Douglas. He also invented the first Toyota.

There are other car parts which are compatible with a 2001 KIA Rio. However, most of them are KIA parts for the 2002 to 2010 models.Ê

Kia car dealers can be found all across the nation. To find Kia dealers that are around where you live, you can go to the official Kia site and use the tool "Find Dealers Near You" section.

kia motors company along with Hyundia motors of South Korea

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