What is the origin of the phrase Finders keepers?

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The idiom "finder's keepers" actually refers to a Roman law. The law basically meant that once something was unowned or abandoned, whoever found it could keep it.
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Is the finders-keepers rule applied in international waters?

Under international maritime law, specifically the International Convention on Salvage (1989), objects in the sea remain the property of the original owner forever, unless that owner has formally abandoned claim to them. A salvor is entitled to a reward for recovering them, but cannot claim ownershi ( Full Answer )

How is the Finders Keepers played you had asked a lot of your friends but never got a full answer?

The object of the Finders Keepers game is to catch valuable items with your trap line, and pull them up to earn money and increase your score. You must achieve the level goal before time runs out. Any extra cash you earn above the level goal carries over to the next level, and helps you reach the ne ( Full Answer )

Every game has advantages and disadvantages What are the Finders Keepers games advantages and disadvantages?

I liked the funny game kept me entertained .I hope they make a sequel to Finders Keepers! I played many types of games, each has advantages and disadvantages. However, its advantages are far more than disadvantages, and even without shortcomings. I think that I make a sequel to Finders Keepers! The ( Full Answer )

Wow What is the difference between Finders Keepers and Gold Miner who knows?

The Finders Keepers game is very similar to Gold Miner game, except you're trying to grab items under the water instead of in a mine shaft. The basic idea is that you have a rotating lasso, and you click your mouse to launch at just the right time to collect stuff below the surface. There's somethin ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase talking trash?

The origin of the phrase 'talking trash' is believed to be theUnited States around 1980 or 1981. The phrase was often used inurban settings or during sports events. Different countries havedifferent phrases to describe this type of talk including the term'sledging' used in the UK.

What is the origin of the phrase catching a cold?

The phrase catching a cold is an idiom since you cannot physicallycatch an illness. This phrase has been around for hundreds of yearsbut there is no indication as to when it originated.

What is the origin of the phrase dead easy?

The origin of the phrase 'dead easy comes from the Englishlanguage. The term dead actually meant 'simple' or 'completely' anddates back to the 14th century with this usage.

What is the origin of the phrase 'right out of the box'?

This is a real brain tester. I do Know the origins of several other phrases, such as "The Whole Nine Yards" referring to the 9 yds of fabric used for the Scottish great kilt. ***CORRECTION*** TO "THE WHOLE NINE YARDS" No suits, kilts or wedding veils here. (The Scottish did not use yards as a m ( Full Answer )

Information on the game Finders Keepers?

In Finders Keepers game you join Floyd Finders and his trusty sidekick Goldie on an aquatic adventure. Collect treasure, fish and special trinkets to help reunite lost loves, while avoiding trouble from Pirates, Whales, Walruses and Ghosts from the Deep..

What is the origin of the phrase Lucky Last?

They two were searching for gold in the forest. One found thegold first but the tiger was hungry so the first person was eaten.The second person found the gold and took it safely because thetiger was busy eating. Some people don't know the story but useslucky last a lot.............................s ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase goodbye?

The expression was originally "God be with Ye (or you)", as a sort of blessing or good luck phrase to someone leaving your presence and was later shortened to 'good bye'.

Where did the phrase you can do it originate?

1996 Summer Olympics when Kerri Strug was preparing to do a vault with a broken ankle, the camera flashed to her coach, Bela Karolyi shouting "You can do it!" With a Russian accent. It was parodied shortly thereafter by numerous Adam Sandler films, most recognizably Rob Sneider's line in "The Water ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase?

( thegamut ) 1The completerange or scope of something: the whole gamut of humanemotion . EXAMPLE SENTENCES Anger, jealousy, possessiveness, suspicion, aggression - Harryexperiences a whole gamut of human emotions, but seems to able tocontrol them much better that he did in The Phoenix. Her fa ( Full Answer )

What is the origin phrase sweeps the nation originate?

"Sweeps the nation" comes from the first PacMac game in the early 60s. In the game, PacMan is seen to use a broom and dustpan to get rid of the killer ghosts. Once the ghosts were dispatched, PacMan would move on to sweep up other areas of the game. When the entire nation had been swept, the game wo ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase No Strings Attached?

It is from the cloth industry, where a small flaw was seen in the manufacturing process of fabric, a string was inserted so the flaw could be easily identified. If 'no strings attached' the cloth was perfect.

What is the origin of the phrase 'plumb full?

As an informal word meaning "utterly" plumb may derive from its formal meaning of "exactly vertical." But the variant spelling "plum" suggests that its origin may lie elsewhere.

Where did the phrase 'top drawer' originate?

Scotland. One of the bedrooms of Glamis Castle, in Scotland, contains a chest of seven drawers that was designed for holding and organizing the royal occupant's clothing. Clothing was placed in one of the chest's drawers depending on the day of the week it was for. Thus, starting with Monday's cloth ( Full Answer )

Where did the phrase Negative Nellie originate?

Nellie was never discovered. People have said that the name Nelliewas added after negative for the use of alliteration. But other sayings like Chatty Cathy, do originate from something.Chatty Cathy, has the name Cathy because the first talking dollsname was Cathy. With a string attached to her back ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase seedy?

According to dictionary.com is a phrase termed in 1739 in reference to a flowering plant that has gone to seed, looking ratty and unkempt

Where did the phrase angel of death originate?

The phrase angel of death appears in the Bible in the Book of Exodus chapter 12 verse 23. Exo 12:23 When the LORD goes through Egypt to kill the Egyptians, he will see the blood on the beams and the doorposts and will not let the Angel of Death enter your houses and kill you.

What is the origins of the phrase dicing with death?

Two guilty men were sentenced to death but the presiding judge was in a lenient mood and offered one man his freedom. To decide who should be released the men each rolled a die. The man who rolled the higher number was released, and the other executed. Hence dicing with death.

Where did the phrase bust your hump originate?

This has to do with a stranded Arab with a camel who lost his ability to walk. To survive the arid heat, he had to "bust the hump" (a very difficult task) of the camel to get nutrition and hydration.

What is the origin of the phrase his cross to bear?

We all have our cross to bear means that we can't make progress without SOME suffering. A bit more: Since Jesus was forced to bear (carry) his own cross on which he was crucified, it is assumed this phrase originated from that.

What is the origin of the phrase open fire?

Open Fire is the command to fire at will, as opposed to volley fire, wherein the group fires simultaneously. This from the old days of singe-shot weapons.

What is the origin of the phrase you're fired?

Clans in the USA in the early years punished community individuals when they commited a serious offence by saying 'You're fired' and subsequently burnt their homes.

Is finders keepers losers weepers true?

"Finders keepers, losers weepers" is not the law and never has been. Property that has been lost or mislaid still belongs to the rightful owner. Keeping it without attempting to return it is called "Theft or Appropriation of Lost or Mislaid Property". In the US, the laws vary from state to state. ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Finders Keepers - 1928?

The cast of Finders Keepers - 1928 includes: Edmund Breese as Col. Hastings Edgar Dearing as Sergeant William Gorman as Bozo John Harron as Carter Brooks Laura La Plante as Barbara Hastings Jack Oakie as B.B. Brown Eddie Phillips as 2nd Lt. Kenneth Purdy Arthur Rankin as Pvt. Blondy Jones

What actors and actresses appeared in Finders Keepers - 1952?

The cast of Finders Keepers - 1952 includes: Julie Adams as Sue Kipps Herbert Anderson as Hotel Clerk Madge Blake as Undetermined Role Harris Brown as Mailman Edward Clark as Gramps Jack Elam as Eddie Tom Ewell as Tiger Kipps Elizabeth Flournoy as Bit Role Douglas Fowley as Frankie Simmons Dusty Hen ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Finders Keepers - 1984?

The cast of Finders Keepers - 1984 includes: Harvey Atkin as Salesman in Train Timothy Blake as Estelle Norris Jim Carrey as Lane Bidlekoff Robert Clothier as Art Bumbalee Paul Coeur as Deputy Police Chief Dunaway Kevin Cork as Hotel Night Clerk Brian Dennehy as Frizzoli Kymm Dungy as Diesel Jayne E ( Full Answer )