What is the origin of the phrase not to frighten the horses?

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At the time when Oscar Wilde was on trial for indecent acts, Mrs. Patrick Campbell (a noted actress) was asked by a friend what on earth Oscar and is men frieds got up to, an wasn't it disgusting? Mrs. Pat replied, 'I don't care what they do, as long as they don't do it in the street and frighten the horses'.
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What is the origin of the phrase healthy as a horse come from?

the origin comes from the lithuanian singer back in 1452 when he would sing of healthy horses and ride them to shows until one day when his horse got caught in the crossfire o

Why do horses get frightened?

Horses become frightened because they are prey animals and it is what they evolved to do. Horses have the fastest reaction time of any animal and this is because they were hun

What can frighten a horse?

Any thing from something simply floating in the breeze to something makeing a horribly loud noise to dark places that they can't see. . loud noises plastic bags jumping, ru

How do you know if your horse is frightened?

Usually you can just tell, but when a horse is scared it usually starts to shy, and pricks back its ears. In larger cases they will rear or run away from anyone or anything. S

What Origin of the phrase hold your horses?

The idiom "hold your horses" means to not rush into something tooquickly, or to wait. It's origins date all the way back to ancientGreece. The first documented usage appears i

What do horse do if they are frightened?

Horses have a 'flight or fight' defense mechanism in their brains. They will either face a situation, or they will run away. most horses choose to run, rather than face their

What do horse do when they are frighten?

They "spook" or "bolt" which are just terms for running. A horse is a prey animal; it always thinks something is out to get it. When they get frightened they usually fight to
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What is the origin of the phrase on your high horse?

In early settlements, the earliest citizens had 2 primary ways of transport: . on foot . by horse Horses were, by nature, tall, making anyone sitting on one be higher t