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In sports,(whatever the type), it means to position players or teams (plant them like seeds) in an arrangement so that the best, and most qualified, do not meet until late in the tournament, or competition.

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What is a 4 letter word for origin?

seed, root

What reference source would you use to find the origin of the word dandelion?


What is the origin of the word sports?

The origin of sport is from the Greek language and actually means pastime. The word sport first appeared in the English language in the 15th century.

Are roses angiosperms?

Roses are angiosperms. Angiosperms is a Greek word in origin meaning "Contained" and "seed".

What is the origin of the word lounge?

The word is of uncertain origin, but some reference is made to Scotland in the 1500's. Also a French word -s'allonger- meaning to lie at full length has some weak connection

What is another name for zero reference or zero points in mathematics?

You might be thinking of the word origin.

What is the meaning of proximal?

Nearer to a point of reference such as an origin. It is a less common word than approximate

What is the origin of cacao?

It is the seed from which chocolate and cocoa is made. From Spanish 'cacao'. Taken from the Aztec word 'cacaua'

What is the origin of the word crop?

From Old English cropp meaning both a bird's stomach, and the seed head of plants. It came to mean "cutting" as in cutting seed heads.

What is the language of origin for the word hemochromatosis?

Most reliable sources say Latin, although a few cite Greek. Many sources do not reference this language of origin at all. I will go with Latin.

What is the meaning origin of the word faerie?

Thought to come from Old French, late 14th century, having a reference to a supernatural kingdom

What is the origin of the word ballot?

the origin is where the word came from but the specific origin of the word ballot is latin root word.

What is the word origin for the word incredulous?

what is the word origin for incredulous

What is the definition of the word credo?

The word "credo" refers to a statement of one's beliefs. The word is of Latin origin. For further reference, there are a wide variety of online dictionaries which provide quick definitions of such words.

What is the origin of the word origin?

The word "origin" is derived from the French word "origin" and the Latin word "originem," both of which mean, beginning, descent, birth, and rise.

What is the origin word for diaster?

There is no such word as diaster and so no origin word.

What is the origin of the word govern?

What is the origin of the word govern?

Origin of the word speculation?

where was the word colonel origin

Origin of the word kitchen?

What is the origin of the word kitchen

What is the origin of the word program?


What is the greek word for seed?

seed in greek - "sperma" which translated in our English word "sperm" The carrier of the seed is the male, not the female.. ************* The main greek word for seed is "σπόρος" (sporos) and it means the seed in general.

What is the root word of reference?

The word reference comes from refer.

What is the Latin word for seed?

Believe it or not, the latin word for seed is semen.

What is the origin of the word sporophyte?

Sporophyte is a compound word from sporo and phyte. Phyte comes from the Greek phyton meaning plant. Sporo comes from the Greek spora which means seed or sowing.

What is the origin of the word rebellion?

The origin of the word rebellion is Latin.