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That is the original name. There was previously a Royal Flying Corps which was a rudimentary air force.

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The "Royal Flying Corps". It evolved into the RAF on the 1st April 1918

The British Royal Air Force has NEVER been named "Pakistan air force" - and Pakistan has never had a Royal Air Force.

The motto of Royal Air Force is '

The Royal Air Force is England's Air Force. It is part of the Royal military just like the Royal Navy.

Royal Air Force The British army was made up of many regiments that were identified by names. The major regiments were Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Engineers, Royal Artillery Regiment. The Royal Air Force was a branch of the military that was founded in 1917.

Royal Air Force Air Cadets was created in 1941.

RAF would be the abbreviation for the Royal Air Force.

The Royal Air Force was established in 1916 as the Royal Flying Corps.

The letters R A F, standing for Royal Air Force

RAF would be the abbreviation or acronym of Royal Air Force.

Yes, it's called the Royal Canadian Air Force...

Royal Danish Air Force was created in 1950.

Royal Cambodian Air Force was created in 1953.

Royal Air Force Commandos ended in 1946.

Royal Air Force Commandos was created in 1940.

Royal Air Force of Oman was created in 1959.

Royal Air Force Germany was created in 1959.

Royal Air Force Germany ended in 1993.

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