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MS Excel has no other name. It is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is part of a suite of products called Microsoft Office. MS stands for Micro Soft. Excel is a spreadsheet program which allows you to enter and calculate information for reports.

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Ms or spreadsheet

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MS Excel and MS Office?

MS excel is a part of MS Office suite. You can create spreadsheet with the help of MS excel.

Why is MS Excel is called Excel?

MS-Excel is a powerful worksheet & you calculate , syncronize many hard calculation, so MS-Excel is called Excel.

Difference between ms-Excel 2000 and ms-Excel 2007?

what are the major difference between MS-Excel 2000 and MS-Excel 2007?

How many cells in ms-Excel?

16,777,216 in versions up to MS Excel 2003. From MS Excel 2007 onwards is 17,179,869,184.

Where is MS Excel?

MS Excel is under Microsoft Office

What is the slide layout in ms Excel?

MS Excel does not have a slide layout, but MS PowerPoint does.

What is the name for each page in an Excel spreadsheet?

In MS Excel, each page is called a worksheet.

What is the file name extension of a Microsoft Excel file?

The file extension of MS Excel is .xmls

Give you not less than five answer of the differences between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel?

MS Excel - is spreadsheet software. On the other hand,MS Word - Document publishing software. MS Excel can perform calcuation while MS Word cannot perform complex calculation MS Excel has file format xls while MS Word is saved in .doc format. MS Word has more formatting options like dropcap while MS Excel has more calcuation options. MS Excel has capacity to summarize data while MS Word is can only store as it is.

Differences between ms-word and ms-Excel?

Ms-word is for word processing. Ms-Excel is for numbers - budgets, mileage and etc.

Does MS Access require MS Office to run?

No. MS Access is a component of MS Office, but you do not need the other applications (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to run Access. However, there are many shared resources between MS Access and other MS Office applications. Obviously, if you remove (uninstall) MS Excel from your MS Office collection and delete all your spreadsheets, you will not be able to import Excel data to Access.

Parts of MS Excel and their functions?

part and its function of ms excel

Where is the Excel located on the computer?

Program - MS Office - MS Excel

How can you show the MS Excel ruler bar?

There is no ruler bar in MS Excel. That is an MS Word function.

What is the cursor on ms Excel is called the?

The cursor is called a cursor in MS Excel.

Why MS-Excel is used?

ms excel is used to create spreadsheets.

What is the difference between ms project and ms Excel?

MS Project is a project management application and MS Excel is a spreadsheet application.

Who created the ms Excel?

there is no one who actually created ms excel.................... microsoft excel is a software developed by microsoft.

What is worksheet in ms excel?

It is another name for spreadsheet. It is a single tab.

Can you switch data from Works to Excel?

Yes, you can import MS Works data into MS Excel. thanks you can use two options first is paste and other one is paste special which is linked with excel with word.

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