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Grendel dies after his battle with Beowulf. His arms are ripped off and he his head is cut off as well.

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What is the outcome of Beowulfs battle with grendal?

Beowulf tears Grendel arm off and Grendel dies. Beowulf hangs the arm up on a wall but it disappears in the morning.

What is the outcome of Beowulf battle with grendel?

grendel gets away, but he is fatally wounded and goes to his den to die.

When grendel realizes Beowulfs strength he tries to?

Grendel tries to escape from Beowulf's grasp but is unable.

How did grendel die on the 1st battle of Beowulf?

Beowulf gets hold of Grendel arms. Grendel cant handle the pain and wants to return back to its den. But Beowulfs immence hands rip of Grendels and Beowulf slauters Beowulf.

Why is Beowulfs sword useless in the battle against grendels mother?

Because Beowulf said that "Does Grendel use a sword?" (In Beowulf New Telling by Robert Nye)

How did Beowulf's people feel about him going to fight Grendel?

Beowulf's people felt happy and confident about him going to fight Grendel, because the omens predicting the outcome of the battle were good.

What was the outcome of Beowulf battle with grendel?

Beowulf attacks Grendel, rips his arm off hangs it on the raftors and Grendel walks off and dies in his cave. Later Beowulf finds Grendel's body and cuts his head off.

What is Beowulfs reward for killing grendel?

gold, byrny and helm (suit of armor), sword, and 8 horses

Which of Beowulfs men stood by him in battle?


What line in Beowulf best foreshadows the outcome of the battle between Beowulf and Grendel?

Beowulf wins and he becomes king and dies against the draagon

How does Beowulf battle with grendel differ from his other battle with his mother and the gragon?

In the battle with Grendel Beowulf doesn't use a weapon.

What was the cause of the battle between Beowulf and grendel?

he had sex with grendel

Describe Beowulf's battle with Grendel?

Hand to hand battle with grendel. Ripped grendel's hand off. Grendel dies, and befroe battle, there was great fear in grendel's mind when beowulf graded him.

Where is the battle between Grendel and Beowulf?

The battle between Grendel and Beowulf takes place in Heorot, the hall of the Danes.

Hoe does Beowulf's battle with Grendel end?

Grendel get fatally wounded and then dies.

What do Beowulfs motives for the trip tell you about his character?

Beowulf travels to Heorot because he heard tales of Grendel and the deaths of Hrothgar's men. He wants to defeat Grendel, these motivations show that he desires to prove his strength and the might of the Geats.

What piece of equipment saves beowulfs life in his fight to the death with grendel's mother?

The piece of equipment that saves Beowulf life in his fight to the death with Grendel mother is his battle chain mail. He victory of the monster represented the victory of the hero over evil.

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Why does Beowulf refuse to use weapons in the battle against Grendel?

He wanted the battle to be equal and fair, since grendel wasn't fighting with weapons

Beowulf must battle grendel with his bare hands because?

He felt that he was just as strong as grendel

What was the battle between Grendel and Beowulf about?

it was about grendel terrorizing and killing everyone. Beowulf was a geat that was helping them

Beowulf believes that the outcome of his battles with Grendel and Grendel's mother will be determined by?


What prevents hrothgar's men from helping Beowulf in his battle with grendel?

What prevents Hrothgar's men from helping Beowulf in his battle with Grendel?Hrothgar's me could not help. Beowulf in his battle because they would sleeping. Grendel killed the sleeping warrior. before they could help.

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Where did the battle of Grendel take place?

in herots hall