What is the ozone system for pools?


An ozone system consists of two basic components that ensure optimum performance at the lowest operating cost:

1. The ozone generation system

2. The ozone management system

The ozone generation system creates ozone gas from on-board oxygen concentrators. The ozone management system efficiently dissolves the gas into the water while ensuring that no undissolved ozone is available to off-gas in the pool equipment room or at the pool water surface. Ozone dose is automatically controlled with an oxidation reduction potential (ORP) controller/monitor maintaining proper ozone levels in the water.

Together, the ozone generator and ozone management system operate in unison and are easily installed to an existing public pool as a side-stream to the pool's main filtration system. The ozone is introduced after the filtration (and heater), and before the chlorine feeder. The side-stream flow is normally 15 to 25 percent of the main flow, depending on the size and type of pool. The output of ozone is increased as the water quantity, water temperature or organic loading increases.

Ozone is a safe and efficacious antimicrobial oxidizer. In public recreational water, ozone is used in conjunction with chlorine to enhance pool water clarity and quality and swimmer protection with ozone's potent and rapid oxidation of organic and inorganic compounds.

Ozone is cost-effective, uses little energy, is safe for pool patrons, and helps to protect the HVAC system from structural degradation.

Source: DEL Ozone Aquatics www.DELOzoneAquatics.com