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What is the pain level for a hood piercing?


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It is sore for about a month or 2 but you don't feel it after a while

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A hood piercing is where you pierce the skin which is above (& slightly covering) the clitoris. There are vertical as well as horizontal options.It's a female genital piercing through the clitoral hood surrounding the clitoris. There are two main types of hood piercing, the vertical clitoral hood piercing and the horizontal clitoral hood piercing. As the name indicates, the difference is in the direction the piercing is oriented in the skin above the clitoris. Neither of these piercings penetrates the clitoris itself.

No the level of pain you have during the day time is the same level at night, and the pain will decrease as the piercing heals and the swelling goes down. The previous answer was highly incorrect and has been deleted for that reason. Leave the jewellery in and follow your after care instructions and the piercing will heal just fine.

The pain of the belly button piercing should subside after a week.

Hmm. I don't! And by the way, this question is not even in the correct category. Unless by "Piercing pain" you mean "pain related to a body piercing," you need to move this question.

Tongue piercings do not hurt much. Even a tongue web or double tonuge which seem to have a higher pain level, do not hurt too much. As ar as I 've experienced, an ear piercing hurts more than any other piercing. I am plannig to have a conch piercing and just read at site rightpiercing dot com that it hurts too much if I plan to have an inner and outer conch at the same time. Emily

The pain should be only momentary if done by a professional body piercer. This is not a piercing gun piercing and infact if done with a piercing gun it is illegal under every health regulation out there.

The amount of pain from a piercing depends largely on your pain tolerance. Mainly what you should expect from an ear piercing will be a small flick of pain when the earring goes in. You may experience pain on your earlobe for a few minutes following. Facial, body, and cartilage piercings cause more pain before and afterward.

Piercing pain on the right rear side of my body above the hip?

All piercings hurt, Medusa's as well. Look if pain is an issue then body piercing is not for you, the pain in piercing is a relative thing and if done in a professional body piercing facility it is quick and simple, just leave it to a professional.

Most say that their navel and ear were the least painful but it differs from person to person and their level for pain tolerance.

its a female genital piercing that passes underneath the clitoral shaft as opposed to just through the hood.

-yellow/green discharge from piercing -pain or tenderness around the piercing -red, purple, or yellowish discoloration around piercing

No. However, it is not unusual to get a good feeling because of the adrenaline rush from a piercing.

depends on the pain level u can stand. ear, eyebrow don't hurt but, the lip and nose hurt a whole lot

No, injection and topicals tend to swell the navel area and bugger up the tissue so that getting the piercing aligned properly is a pain in the neck. Why bother the perceived pain of getting the piercing done is at a point that you want anesthetic for it, maybe navel piercing isn't for you.

Neezgai is "to be painful" or to give paindiniih -- painshijéí diniih-- my heart painNeezgaigo baa 'íít'i' - to have a piercing pain

Simply put , if you get the piercing done by a professional body piercer the pain is nil to non existent. It's a momentary discomfort but nothing more. Now a piercing gun piercing would be much more painful because of the method and lack of skill on the part of the person providing the piercing ( generally untrained and unskilled and this leads to pain and discomfort.).

Pain is relative to the individual, however in a general scale ear piercings are some of the least painful piercings. Depending on what part of your nose you are piercing you will have a different amount of pain. Carthilage will deliver you a lot of pain if pierced (the nose is mostly carthilage tissue).

Hydrocodone or Vodka. But what's the point of the piercing if people ask you "did it hurt?" when you reply "No I took pain pills." You shouldn't get a piercing if you can't handle pain. I got my septum done, and I cried.

People perceive pain differently, but I felt that the tragus did hurt more than a regular cartilage piercing.

Any kind of piercing will hurt to some degree, it really depends on the person and their pain tolerance.

Yes. Any piercing is going to hurt. The severity of the pain varies from person to person.

yes if they want to go thew the pain.

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