Respiratory System

What is the path of air inside the body?

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Trace the path of air inside the body?

In through the nose and mouth along the trachea into the lungs. Then out again.

What happens to air when it is inside the human body?

When air gets inside your body, your diaphragm exhales up and down.

What path does the air with wastes follow to leave the body?

It goes out the same path that it came in.

What path does the air take to leave your body?

either nose or mouth

What parts of the body pull and push air into and out of the body?

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Given that the air pressure outside your body is so great why aren't you crushed?

Pressure inside your body balances the air pressure outside your body.

When you the air moves from outside to inside of the body?

You can know when you breathing

Why the air breathe out has a higher temperature than the air breathe in?

This is not always the case. The air you breath in is the temperature outside your body. The air you breath out is close to the temperature inside your body.

Pressure inside human body?

The air pressure inside a human body is roughly equivalent to the pressure of the atmosphere. Normal air pressure is about 13.7 pounds per square inch at sea level.

Where is the Blower Motor Resistor located on a 1999 Cadillac Escalade?

Inside dashboard in path of air that blower motor blows.

Why aren't we crushed by air pressure?

air from the atmosphere exerts a force on us but we also have air inside our body that maintains a balance and prevents us from crushing.the air pressure in the body and outside it is equal

Where is the Air Temp Sensor in a 03 VW Passat?

its inside throttle body

Organs inside your body which allow you to take in air and blow out again?


What is inside your body?

All of your body's organ are found inside your body. Those involved in digestion of food, movement of air, movement of blood, signals to and from the brain and nerves.

What is the path that a body travels around another body in space?

Orbit is the path

What is the meaning of aeronutical aeronautic aeronautics and aeronautically?

the body which is in motion or rest in air with adjusting the pressure comfortably by their own body parts and travel in air and also changes the path and altitude is called aeronautics

What is body percussion?

body percussion is the judging the abdomen and thorax of human body in clinical examination for finding out whether there is fluid or air inside. As in case of pneumothorax the percussion sound is tympanic rather than normal resonance which suggests the presence of air inside the pleural cavity.

What are the organs inside your body which allow you to take in air and blow it out again?

Your lungs of course.

Why lungs is the lightest organ in the human body?

yes because inside is an air only

Which has a lower pressure the air in your lungs as you inhale or the air outside your body?

Air moves from a higher pressure region to a lower pressure region. As you inhale, the air moves from outside your body to inside your lungs, so the air in your lungs has a lower pressure.

How does a tornado use air pressure?

The low pressure inside a tornado draws air inward, accelerating it to great speeds. Once air is in the circulation the low pressure at the center keeps it on a somewhat circular path.

Why does your head not get crushed with atmospheric pressure?

Like the air inside a baloon, the fluids inside your body exert pressure. This pressure inside your body acts against atmospheric pressure. I was looking for the answer for a school assignment! Textbooks help!

What does the cell epithelial do?

Columnar Epithelial cells line the inside surfaces of fluid or air-filled tubes and spaces within the body. Columnar Epithelial cells line the inside surfaces of fluid or air-filled tubes and spaces within the body.

What causes air to stop moving into the lungs during inspiration?

Air stops moving into the lungs when the air pressure inside the lung is equal to the pressure of the air outside the body (the atmospheric pressure). The body creates negative air pressure inside the lungs by moving the diaphragm down and the chest wall out. This expands the volume of the lungs, creating negative air pressure, and air rushes in to fill the lungs.

Where is the mass air flow sensor on a 2001 saturn sw lw 3?

The mass air flow sensor is between the air filter and the throttle body. It's inside the air duct that connects the two. It's the only device inside the air duct that has a wire.