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The pathway of human body in excretory system are the kidneys, the ureter, the bladder and the urethra.

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urethra is the pathway of the human exretory system

The pathway of food from mouth to anus is the digestive system. It works with the excretory system. After all, what goes in, must come out.

The digestive system and the excretory system including the kidneys and bladder.

There are many human body systems. A few of them are the liquid waste excretory system, solid waste excretory system, skeletal system, muscular system and the digestive system.

The human excretory system includesthe kidneysthe bladderthe urethrathe colon (large intestine)the rectumthe anus

well us humans and birds excretory system is the same because it takes out waste.

excretory system is important to a human begin because through the excretory system we are able to get rid of all the waste products in our body the lungs get rid of waste air, the body get rid of waste and the kidneys get rid of urine.

The major function of the excretory system is to remove waste and toxins from the body. Each works in a different way to filter.

nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, excretory system and the digestive system

to discharge waste materials from the body

in the human body, it is the excretory system!

Yes. They do have an excretory system.

Urinary or excretory system.

Yes, they are in the excretory system.

digestive systemrespiratory systemcirculatory systemexcretory systemnervous systemendocrine systemreproductive system

Both systems excrete wastes. The urinary system has excretory functions. There is not really an excretory system.

The endocrine system sends messages using hormones. It delivers messages from the nervous system to the excretory system. It tells the excretory system when the blood is out of balance.

the excretory system is the system which by waste materials like urine is eliminated..... one of the parts of the excretory system is the kidney which filter the blood...

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