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What is the pattern of switches in the underground in Pokemon gold?


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First it is the one on the end of the hall. then the center then the one in front of the

stairs. they will make you a path to the next room.



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The underground in Goldenrod City has a barber.

What switches? If you mean the electric gym in kanto, it's different every time.

u get it for Goldenrod CIty Underground

you have to eat a sandwhich that you get from the wicked witch of the west

A guy in the underground tunnel will give you it.

you give it to a guy underground in kanto.

Go to the B1F of the departement store in goldenrod

In both heart gold and soul silver, you are unable to go to the underground, you can however go there in Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum.

To open the doors, press the switches in order 3 2 1, with Switch 3 being the farthest from the entrance.

He is in the basement of the underground place. Beat two robbers in the switch room.

The Explorers Kit is unique to pearl diamond and platinum so you cant go underground in heart gold.

You can get a pokemon's haircut in the underground tunnel in Goldenrod City. The shop is open every day except Monday.

You trade your starter to a friend and then go through

Because Gold is found underground. It is a natural occurring metal.

You will find the coin case somewhere in the underground entance in the city where the game corner is locate

You check all the trash cans until you find the 2 switches

yes yes no yes no that is the pattern then you get the raido card

The Underground Path building will never open. The other building is not blocked or locked.

Yes, usually gold is mined in underground mines. Gold can be found on the surface where it has been exposed by erosion and in river sediments.

With the key card that you get from the director in team rocket's underground hideout. You get the to the underground hideout from beating the fake director at the top of the radio tower. Talbotron X

In Eterna City and Floroma Town. the shiny treasure is a man but the rest if gold or what ever u call it

Pokemon Heart gold is different from Pokemon Gold cuz heart gold has better graphics new Pokemon and new events

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