What is the payscale for a U S congressman?

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As of 2013, I believe it is somewhere around $174,000 per year.
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What does a congressman do?

A Congressman or woman's main job is to make laws. They makespeeches to the group, debate, and vote. In certain circumstancesthey have other powers, like declaring war and impeachment.

Who is my congressman?

There are several websites for find your representative in the House of Representatives. See related links below.

Payscale for medical coder?

working in a rural area, i make 10.00, but there are jobs available in downtown Chicago that pay from 60,000 to 110,000 a year, so there is really a very wide range. The person that answered I believe is speaking about a Medical Billing. Medical Billing and Medical Coding are two separate Career ( Full Answer )

What is a congressman?

In the United States of America a congressman is anyone elected to the legislative branch of government. However the legislative branch is divided into two parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives. In common usage, members of the Senate are called Senators and members of the House of Repre ( Full Answer )

What is the payscale for geologists?

depends.. can be from 40k-120k.. the high range is a petroleum geologist, or the low end is a regular geologist.

How do you greet a Congressman?

If you meet a Congressman, you should use their title and name. Forinstance, you would say Hello, Congressman/woman Wilson.

The qualification of a congressman?

Answer \n. \nArticle I, Section 2 of the US Constitution provides the following qualifications: Aged 25, a US Citizen for seven years, and a resident of the State they represent.

What is the salary of a Congressman?

As of 2010 the salary is $174,000. The speaker makes $223,500 and majority/minority leaders make $193,400. Since Congress sets its own salaries, changes cannot take effect until the next term to prevent abuse (they would be voted out of office if they paid themselves exorbitantly).

What does a congressman get paid?

Answer . The current salary for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $168,000 per year. The Leaders get $186,600, the Speaker of the House gets $215,700. http://www.congresslink.org/print_basics_pay.htm

How many congressman do you have?

Each resident of the 50 states has 3 Congress members - two Senators and one Representative. In common parlance, "congressmen" is taken as a synonym for Representative, so the answer you are probably looking for is one. Each state is divided into one or more congressional districts based on popul ( Full Answer )

What are the responsibilities of a congressman?

A congressman has to read and evaluate bills then vote on them. TheCongressman also has to listen to his constituents and take theirpetitions up to Washington.

What is the payscale for drivers?

It depends on the Owner(s), Sponsor(s), and the contract they set up for the Driver, it could also include "Bonuses" for: wins, places, championship, etc..

Congressman in California?

There are 53 congress representatives from California. Californiais one of the larger states in the US, so it has the mostrepresentatives.

Define Indian payscale?

Indian pay-scales represent salaries for common jobs in India. People can use pay-scale information to make decisions on careers that they should explore.

Payscale for expert witness?

An expert witness can charge for their time, however, when asked in court about the amount of money that he/she is been paid he/she can say that the courts pay. it is illegal for personal questions such as monthy/annual income to be asked.. The monetary value that the individual may charge depends ( Full Answer )

What is the salutation for congressman?

The Honorable Firstname Surname Dear Mr./Ms. Surname, Sincerely yours, http://www.librarycat.org/SVLS/html/lawmakers/correct_form.html Do address to "The Honorable" but Do NOT put Mr. or Ms. (and certainly not Mrs.) on the salutation after Dear when addressing someone who has been voted to ( Full Answer )

What is the abbreviation for congressman?

There is none according to scholars, that I've seen comment on it, however, I think they're forgetting "Rep.", I use that often for Congressperson. hope that helps, divinediscontent

Congressman from Texas?

One is Ron Paul.Chet Edwards is another. Michail a Andrew is a old one.THEN there is BillArcher .all of the others are Joe Barton,Chris Bell,Ken Bentsen , Henry Bonilla , and Jim wright. Others are Charlie Wilson , Craig Washington , Jim Turner, Mac Thomberry, Steve Stockton, Charlie Stenholm, Alan ( Full Answer )

Who is my US Congressman?

You can find out using your zip code at the related link below (House.gov). There is a list of current US Representatives at the related link below. You can also find your state and federal officials by using your Zip Code at the third link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_member ( Full Answer )

How are congressman elected?

Philippine congressmen are elected through direct elections since 1900-1970?( any part of that time) where Philippine amends the constitution.

Who is Colorados congressman?

There are two senators and seven representatives that represent Colorado in Congress: Senator Mark Udall Senator Michael Bennet Representative Diana DeGette Representative Jared Polis Representative Scott Tipton Representative Cory Gardner Representative Doug Lamborn Representative Mike Coffman R ( Full Answer )

What is the payscale of an osteopath?

The salaries of doctors of osteopathy depend on the career paththey have chosen. Family physicians typically earn between $162,908to $221,196 per year.

How can a congressman be expelled?

In order for a congressman to be expelled is that they have tocommit an act that is considered impeachable. Some of these actsinclude accepting a bribe, committing treason, or committing acrime.

How do you contact your congressman?

For the US House of Representatives, go to http://www.house.gov For the US Senate go to http://www.senate.gov For your state government, do a web search for your state congressional website.

What is the pension for a congressman?

Well Wikipedia says: The pension amount is determined by a formula that takes into account the years served and the average pay for the top three years in terms of payment. In 2002, the average pension payment ranged from $41,000 to $55,000.

What are bj's wholesale club employee payscales?

Very low. For non-managers, day and overnight, $8.65-9.65 hr. Management not competitive at all. No employee discounts, other than free membership. BJ's currently holding meetings with employees warning them of unionizing.

What is a democratic congressman?

In the United States, for example. We have what is called a "representative democracy". We elect people who are *supposed* to represent us at the national level. The congressmen are those people.

Who is the congressman of the paranaque?

Parañaque City in Metro Manila (Philippines) has two (2) congressmen: 1. Eduardo Zialcita for the 1st District 2. Roilo Golez for the 2nd District

What do the congressman do?

Although "congressman" may refer to any member of Congress, it often refers to a member of the House of Representatives, the members of the Senate being called senators. In either case, the congressman represents his district or state in the whichever house he belongs to. The purpose of the ( Full Answer )

Who is the Congressman for Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has 10 congressional districts. Its U.S. House members are: . Capuano, Michael E., Massachusetts, 8th . Delahunt, William, Massachusetts, 10th . Frank, Barney, Massachusetts, 4th . Lynch, Stephen F., Massachusetts, 9th . McGovern, James, Massachusetts, 3rd . Markey, Ed, Massach ( Full Answer )

What is the payscale of a Comcare RN?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for registered nurses as of May 2008 is, $65,130 This would amount to $31.31 per hour. Median annual wages of registered nurses were $62,450 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $51,640 and $76,570. The ( Full Answer )

What power do a congressman?

yo mama told me to tell you: The congress powers towards your government process is the congressman has many power's as the following below: First the .................................... well i dont have the awnsers come back to you

Can a congressman be sued?

Yes they can, but one privilege they do enjoy is immunity from arrest or the service of legal papers while Congress is in session.

Who was congressman after presidency?

John Quincy Adams was elected to the House of Representatives after he was President. Andrew Johnson served as US Senator after he left the presidency.

What is the payscale of a post office employee?

The USPS has competitive basic pay rates. Postal Service employees receive regular salary increases, overtime pay, night shift differential, and Sunday premium pay.

What happened between senator Charles summer and congressman Preston s brooks in 1856?

On March 19,1856 Republican Senator Charles Sumner started a violent speech on the topic "The crime against Kansas". He attacked the pro-slavery establishment and parliamentary representatives in general but he addressed himself particularly against the old Senator Andrew Butler of South Carolina, w ( Full Answer )

What does a Democrat congressman do?

Same thing as Republican congressmen do. What they are SUPPOSED to do is represent the people in their districts. They are supposed to listen to their constituents, learn about their problems and write laws to address those problems. They also work with their constituents to solve problems people ar ( Full Answer )

Who is the Congressman from Missouri?

District Representative Since Party 1st Lacy Clay 3-Jan-2011 Democratic 2nd Ann L. Wagner 3-Jan-2013 Republican 3rd Blaine Luetkemeyer 3-Jan-2013 Republican 4th Vicky Hartzler 2011 Republican 5th Emanuel Cleaver 2005 Democratic 6th Sam G ( Full Answer )

What is the average payscale for a police officer?

The salary paid to a police patrol officer in the United States varies according to location and time in the job. However a number of websites calculate the average salary across the country. As at June 2013 the average salary was around $47,000.

What does payscale 20600-46600 means?

In North America where we are paid in dollars this would mostlikely mean that the job pays between $20,600 and $46,600 per year.Often a person who had just been hired might receive the lowestamount. As they gain experience and knowledge of the job they wouldreceive more, but never more than the maxi ( Full Answer )

Who is your congressman in NC?

1st CD of NC -- G. K. Butterfield (D) -- all of Bertie, Greene, Halifax, Hertford, Northampton & Warren Counties & parts of Chowan, Edgecombe, Franklin, Granville, Lenoir, Martin, Nash, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Pitt, Vance, Wake & Wilson Counties . 2nd CD of NC -- Renee Ellmers (R) -- all of Johnsto ( Full Answer )

Who is my congressman in Illinois?

Based on the 2010 Census, thereare 18 members of the U.S. House of Representatives fromIllinois. As of June 2017 they are 1st district Bobby Rush (D);2nd district Robin Kelly (D); 3rd district Dan Lipinski (D); 4thdistrict Luis Gutiérrez (D); 5th district Michael Quigley (D); 6thdistrict Peter Ro ( Full Answer )