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Q: What is the penalty for medical identity theft resulting in death in California?
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Does LA have the death penalty?

If by 'LA' the city of Los Angeles, California is meant, then no, the City of LA does not have the death penalty, per se. HOWEVER, the State of California DOES have the death penalty. Because LA is located within the State of California, capital crimes committed in LA are subject to penalties and punishments under California law, including the death penalty.

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What is the practical penalty in California for obtaining a spouses credit report for the purpose of monitoring the credit?

Death penalty.

What crimes in California allow the death penalty?


What is the penalty for armed robbery in California?

See California penal code §211 Robbery

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I am not sure about California itself but of the states I do no about the penalty is always more than six months of insurance would have cost the person had they purchased the liability insurance.

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It is a nightmare. Loss of the second amendment rights.

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if youare over 18 you it is taken away from you as long as you dont have enough for a "intent to sell". If you have a medical card nothing. if you are under 18 your oarents will be contaced and u may be suspended to school