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I can't really answer that but can say that the Super Bowl determines 'home team' status by the year. In odd numbered years the NFC is the home team; in even numbered years the AFC is the home team.

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What are the names of the Super Bowl MVP winners in Super Bowl history?

(see related link for all Super Bowl MVP winners)

Why are they wearing purple shirts on the Super Bowl sidelines?

Those probably are inactive players wearing Super Bowl shirts.

What is the trophy called that the winners receive after winning the Super Bowl?

The winners of the Super Bowl receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Where can you find a list of Super Bowl winners?

Click on the 'Super Bowl Winners' link on this page to see a list of who played in and won every Super Bowl.

What team has the most super bowl MVP player award winners?

The Dallas Cowboys have the most Super Bowl MVP Aeard winners with 7.

How much money did a player on winning team of Super Bowl I make?

Winners of the first 11 Super Bowls each made $15,000 each. That cash bonus has risen to $88,000 for the 2011 Super Bowl winners.

Who won the 2004 super bowl-?

The New England Patriots were the winners of the 2004 Super Bowl.

How many times have won the Super Bowl?

There have been 45 Super Bowls, and accordingly, 45 Super Bowl winners.

What pay do the winners of the super bowl get?

$88,000.00 Losers get $44,000.00

Who could be the Super Bowl winners this year?

The winners of this years superbowl could be the ravens,patriots,packers,49ers,and the giants.

What team won the Greek Super cup in 1991?

There was not winners in 1991 in the Greek Super Cup. It was not held.

Who are the last winners of the Super Bowl?

The Giants in 2012. The Packers in 2011

Who has played in a super bowl that has won a master's tournament?

No winners of the Masters Golf Tournament has ever played in a Super Bowl.

List winners of five Super Bowls?

San Francisco, Dallas,Pittsburgh

Who won IPL 2011?

Chennai Super Kings were the IPL 2011 winners.

Who are the teams that went 18-1 in the NFL?

As of the 2008 season: 1984 San Francisco 49ers, winners of Super Bowl XIX. 1985 Chicago Bears, winners of Super Bowl XX. 2007 New England Patriots, losers of Super Bowl XLII.

What team has the most Super Bowl MVP Awards?

The Dallad Cowboys have the most winners of the Super Bowl MVP Award with 7.

What was the name of the winners of the 1940s Super Bowl?

The first Super Bowl had not yet been played in the 1940s. Super Bowl I was not played until January 15, 1967.

Where to get super man shirts?

Your local clothing store. Possibly Wal-Mart or Target.

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