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Each side of the dog pen will be 3 yards. There are four sides. Therefore, the perimeter will be 3 x 4 = 12 yards.

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Since you state that it is a square, take the square root of the area to get the length of one side - this will be in feet. Then multiply that by 4 to get the perimeter.

River Bend off leash is 4.2 acres or about 20328 square yards

The area of Hondo Dog Park is 15,175.711584 square meters.

Most perimeter dog fences are electric, but there are alternatives. Best Friend Dog Fence is one that is non electric:

A Maltese. They do well in small yards and spaces. (townhouses, appartments, small yards)

2m x 2m = 4 square meters = 4.784 square yards.At $12 per square yard, that's $57.41 plus pad, installation, and tax.But it's doubtful that they would cut off 0.784 of a square yard for you.You'd probably have to buy 5 square yards, and then discard the leftover0.216 square yard after you finish cutting everything to fit the room. Eitherthat, or use it for a bed-pad for your small dog.

a good dog for a small back yard is a Yorkie terrier

You should walk your dog at least 2 to 3 yards away from another dog. You shouldn't even be walking you dog.

If your talking about the brampton dog trainer area...... Then shrinking.

This depends on the dog dimensions ! For a big dog - 35 foot2.

The dog should be transported in a way that it does not have the opportunity to distract the driver. This may mean restraining the dog, or it could mean putting a dog guard between the driver's area and the area where the dog is.

When the dog is getting exercise in an enclosed area or on a leash or in an area that is designated as a leash-free zone. Definitely let the dog out to do his/her business.

looking for a pet dog in Brownfield lubbock tx area

Cleaning old dog urine stain with vinegar and baking soda will dog urinate that area again?

The area would be in the form of a circle. Formula for finding area of a circle is A = Pi x R-squared. The length of the leash (3 yds = 9 ft) is the Radius and Pi is 3.1416. Hence, A = 3.1416 x 9-squared = 3.1416 x 81 = 254.4696 sq ft of area that the dogwill have.

It depends on the leash laws in your area and several factors. If your dog was in his/her yard and if it was fenced. If the intruding dog was a stray or a neighbors dog and should have been on a leash. If you dog was in the front or back yard and on a leash/fenced area.

on the road when a another area dog comes

A Dutch Shepard is a large hearding dog. Like any large dog if they find their territory comprimised by another they can and will defend that area. It is possible that the small dog encroched in to its "area" and the larger dog attacked.

as long as the yard has a fully fenced in area where the dog can not escape you do not have to have your dog on a leash

it is in the violet square in the park you:go to the square and you go in it and get the dog.there you go. so be happy. and btw who would ask this question?i am not the guy but i don't see it

It is a presumptuous question because it presupposes that bite / square " depends on the breed of the dog, when in fact, it has more to do with the size of the dog.

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