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The perimeter of a 900 square centimeter square is 120 centimeters.


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A square with are area of 64 square centimeters has a perimeter of 32 centimeters, since there are four sides, each 8 centimeters in length.

All four sides of a square are equal in length, therefore: area = length of a side squared length of a side = √[area] length x 4 = perimeter If the area is in cm² the length will be in cm.

A square with a perimeter of 32 inches has an area of 64 square inches.

Area= Length x Width Squares have all four sides equal Therefore: Length=Width therefore Area=Length^2 hope that helps

Your square must have sides of 6cm so perimeter is 24cm.

Your square must have sides of 2cm so perimeter is 8cm.

If the area is 4, the side lengths are 2, so the perimeter is 2x4=8

what are the dimensions of the rectangle with this perimeter and an area of 8000 square meters

A=16 therefore L= 4 (sq.root of 16) so P=4x4=16 (no. of sides multiplied by length of 1 side) So the perimeter is 16cm.

Area = 6*6 = 36 square cm Perimeter = 4*6 = 24 cm

Area of square = 81 cm2 so side of square = 9 cm and then perimeter = 4*side = 36 cm.

Measure the square's in, Area, Perimeter and centimeter squared

Area of a square can be calculated using the formula A = a^2, where "a" is the length of a side of the square. Its perimeter is P = 4*a. 49 = a^2 => a = 7cm P = 4*7 = 28cm The perimeter of the square is 28cm.

Each side of the square would be three centimetres. Therefore, the perimeter would be (3 x 4) = 12 centimetres.

A square can't have a circumference. That's only for circles squares have area, volume, or perimeter.

900 1 centimeter squaresAnswer:1m - 100 cm1m2=10,000 cm29 m2 = 90,000 cm2

A square 4 squares in the middle and 4 lines out so it has to be a square!!! actually a square does not have the same perimeter and area a 4x4 area square has 8 perimeter so no squares do not but i have made a shape that has 32 perimeter and 32 area so it is possible and we don't want to tell you what the shape is. i already gave you too much information with the 32.... << inccorect A 4x4 square does have the same perimeter and area 4x4=16 4+4+4+4=16 But there are also other shapes such as a circle witha diameter of 2 A right angled triangle with sides of 6, and 8 and the hypotenuse being 10 has the same area as perimeter.

A squares area is equal to the the square of one of the side lengths. Therefore √196*4=56 yards.

The area of a square is a function of the perimeter of the square.

Perimeter of a rectangle is 2(l+b).Area of rectangle is 216 centimeter square.

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