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It takes about 30 years

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Between which of these planets has the longest period of revolution Mars Saturn or mercury?


What is the period of revolution of Saturn?

29.46 Earth years

Which planet has a period of revolution of about 30 years?


Which gas has the shortest period of revolution?

jupiter and saturn

Which planets have longer revolution period?

The outer planets have the longer revolution period, which are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptun.

Saturn period of revolution?

29.46 years to be exact! wow!

What is the period if revolution of Saturn?

It takes 29.5 Earth years for Saturn to revolve once around the Sun

What is the orbit period of Saturn?

Saturn takes about 10759 earth days to complete one revolution of its orbit.

What are the rotation and revolution periods of Saturn?

Saturn rotates on its axis pretty fast - in about 10.5 hours. It takes about29.5 Earth years to orbit the Sun once (period of revolution).

What is the revelotion of saturn the planet?

Saturn does not have a definitive revolution period due to it just being a ball of gases. This causes parts of Saturn to move at different speeds.

How long does it take for mimas to make a complete orbit around Saturn?

Mimas' period of revolution around Saturn is 0.942 days.

How long does Saturn take to orbit sun?

Saturn's period of revolution is 29.46 years.

What is Saturn's period of revolution in days?

Saturn takes 10,759.50 days per orbit.

Saturn's rotation period around the sun?

That's called the "revolution period" by astronomers. For Saturn it's about 29.5 Earth years.

Period of revolution of Saturn in earth days or years?

Saturn's revolution around the Sun in Earth years is 29.6 years..... Emma-Carson<3

What is Saturn's period of revolution around the sun?

One revolution around the Sun is called a year. A year on Saturn lasts 29.5 Earth years.

What is saturns period of rotation around the sun?

Saturn has a "rotation" around it's own axis. It has a "revolution" around the Sun.Saturn's "period of revolution" around the Sun is about 29.5 Earth years.See related questions.

How long does it take Saturn for a Revolution?

1 Saturn year

How long is one Saturn month?

What do you mean by "Saturn month"? On Earth, a "month" is based upon the time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth or to go through its phases. Saturn has several large moons; you can look up their periods of revolution around Saturn if you like. Titan is easily Saturn's largest moon You could define a "Saturn month" based on Titan's period of revolution, but there is no such term in general use.

Revolution period of all planets?

The revolution period of a planet is the time it takes to travel around the Sun. The revolution period of Mercury is 58.65 Earth days, for Venus is 224.7 days, Mars is 686.93 days, Jupiter is 11.86 Earth years, Saturn is 29.46 years, Uranus is 83.75 years, and Neptune is 163.72 years.

What is Saturn's rotation time around the moon?

Saturn does not orbit the moon, it orbits the sun. This is called its revolution, not its rotation. Saturn's period of rotation on its axis is 10 hours 33 minutes. Its period of revolution around the sun 29.45 years.

What is Neptunes period of revolution?

What is Neptune's period of revolution?

Planet with large mass has a long period of revolution?

Any of the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) would fit that category

What is Saturn's revolution period?

Saturn's revolution period is 29.46years.

What is Saturn's revolution or rotation time?

Saturn's rotational period is the Saturnian "day." As Saturn is a gas giant, the visible features on Saturn rotate at different rates depending on latitude; the Equatorial Zone has a period of 10 h 14 min 00 s. All other Saturnian latitudes have been assigned a rotation period of 10 h 39 min 24 s.The precise value for the rotation period of the interior remains elusive but the best estimate is approximately 10 h 45 m 45 s (± 36 s).The revolution period of Saturn refers to the orbital period around the Sun (the Saturn "year"), which is about 10,579 Earth days or 29.5 Earth years.(see related link)

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