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Q: What is the permanent birth control method for a male?
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What forms of male birth control are there?

The most known form of male birth control is the condom, but there are another forms, like Sterilization, implanon, male-birth control pill, and many others.

Is there a male oral birth control pill?


Can a woman's birth control affect her male partner's sexual performance?

There are no reported side effects of a woman's birth control on her male partner.

Is ther a such thing as male birth control pill?

No, there is no such thing as the male birth control pill. The idea of male birth control pills has been around for a long time, but it's yet to be produced due to safety concerns. Female birth control pills have many health risks, but more concern is given to males safety.

Is withdrawal an effective way of birth control?

No. Male pre-ejaculate can contain sperm and cause pregnancy. If you are concerned about preventing pregnancy I recommend you use other methods (birth control pills, condoms, etc) instead of the withdrawl method.

Can birth control pills enlarge a male breast?


How do you stop the population growth?

With a male birth control pill (that is swallowed or injected). If men had a birth control pill, most male would probably use it. Of course, no birth control pill protects against sexually transmitted diseases, however, if there were a male birth control pill (and an Israeli doctor claims to have invented one), the population would probably gradually go down in most countries that practice birth control.

Do you have to pull out if she is on birth control?

The withdrawal method or pulling out is not the best way to prevent a pregnancy. In pre cum there is sperm and you may not feel when pre cum comes out of the penis. If a female is using birth control correctly the male can ejaculate inside of the vagina with no worries.

Do birth control pills help grow male breasts?


Is birth control pills appropriate for a male?

I think so and they are made, but very few men seem to take the responsibility of birth control.

Can you ovulate while breastfeeding?

It is possible to ovulate while breast feeding. It is not a perfect method of birth control. If you are nursing and are sexually active, a barrier method such as male or female condoms is the best if you are not looking to become pregnant right away. There is also a certain birth control pill that is safely used while nursing. Speak to your OB/GYN for details.

How does the male contaceptive pill work?

As of June 2013, there is no male birth control pill on the market or in clinical trials.

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