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There is no given pH value for any particular acid. pH is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in an aqueous solution. It depends on both how strong an acid is (how much it ionizes) and how much of it is dissolved in a given volume of water.

However, because hydrochloric acid is a strong acid it will normally produce a very low pH.

A 1M solution of it has a pH of 0. a 0.1 M solution has a pH of 1, a 0.01 M solution has a pH of 2 and so forth until a pH of 7.


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Hydrochloric acid is an acid .it is made up of hydrogen and chlorine.

The pH value of a sulfuric acid solution is very low.

When an acid is neutralized, its pH value is changed to be around 7 and it is no longer an acid.

The pH value of an acid solution depends on its concentration and the temperature of the solution.

pH vaue of boric acid is 9.1

The pH value of an acid depends on its concentration.

The approx. pH of acid rains is 4.

Give 5 examples of ph value found under acid

the pH value reduces with the strength of the acid. e.g. pH 2 is much stronger than pH 4

A pH value less than 7.0.

If you are asking about acid then the pH value will go from 7- to 7+.... If you are asking about the alkali the pH value will go from 7+ to 7-....

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) pH of 1

Hyrdochloric acid has a PH value of 1 hope this Helped :)

when an acid is neautrilized, its ph value is changed to be around 7 and it is no longer a acid

The pH value of the solution depends on the strength of the acid, in other words, acid concentration.

In a reaction of an acid with a base the pH changes to a value that is closer to 7.

-25 (Fluoroantimonic acid)

The pH value of any acidic solution depends on the strength of the acid in the particular solution. In this instance, a dilute sulfuric acid solution shows a higher value of pH whereas the concentrated acid shows a very low value.

No, it doesn't, it has a pH value below 5.6

The Ph will decrease. This is because water has a neutral Ph value of 7 so if an acid which has a lower Ph value than water is added to it, the Ph will decrease

The pH will depend on the concentration of the acid, not on whether it is strong or weak.

Anything below the pH of 7 (including decimals) is an acid, but the pH value cannot be negative. A substance with a negative pH doesn't exist.

Not regular milk, pH value of 4 is acid on the pH scale. Fresh milk has a pH value of 6.7. However, when milk turns "sour", it can have that value

The lower the pH value is from 7 (distilled water), the stronger the acid, so 1 would be the strongest acid.

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