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Although it is theoretically possible to draw one, the polygon might have to be close to planetary scale in order to distinguish it from a circle. Aside from needing almost perfectly smooth terrain on this imaginary planet, you would need to be able to construct sides whose angles were only 36 hundred- thousandths of a degree. You might need something on the order of the Hubble Space telescope to resolve those angles..
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What is a picture?

Definitions . A visual representation (of an object or scene or person or abstraction) produced on a surface; "They showed us the pictures of their wedding"; "A movie is a series of images projected so rapidly that the eye integrates them.". Painting: graphic art consisting of an artistic compos ( Full Answer )

Picture on a tile?

I have doneit a few,set them that is. They can be painted on or you can special order the tile. Having it laser cut looks the best to me.You send them the picture you want and they will laser cut them color and number them,then you just have to put the picture together. A tile shop in your area will ( Full Answer )

What are pictures?

A picture is simply a photo of something or someone on a piece of card , paper , etc , ect. A picture can sometimes be something to treasure memories or simply just a decortion. A picture can be in books and frames wich you can look at whenever you would like.

What televisions have picture in picture?

There are too many televisions to offer a definitive list here but a few a listed below. Please feel free to add other models with picture in picture to the list. Here are some general comments about picture in picture facilities from a TV engineer: Usually a TV with picture in picture will requir ( Full Answer )

Pictures for Ecuador?

if you want pictures for Ecuador go to Google.com . by Nathan Rose New Answer: see the related link for pictures of Ecuador. When on the site, click one of the photos for more photos in that category. http://www.ecuador365.com/

How do you use picture in picture?

Picture in Picture (PIP) is used to view video from multiplesources on modern TVs. PIP is most suitable where one source has ahigher res than the other sources.

Why are there no pictures in the mosque?

Because They believe that instead of staring at a picture of Allah there god they want to comunicate with the real god instead of looking at a picture., we got taught this today in R.E :-)

Where you get a picture of a witch?

If you mean a sterotypical witch (green skin, warts etc.) then go to images.google.ca and type in "witch". If you want pictures of REAL witches then go to images.google.ca and type in "wiccan" "wiccan witch" "pagan" "real" witch or etc. Or search for a wiccan group online that may have pictures of t ( Full Answer )

Do you have a picture?

this is a stupid question that makes sites that this turn rotten. this question makes no sence?

A picture of Godzillasaurs?

I think this is the right Answer for your Question. Look it up on Google Images or maybe Yahoo Images or maybe Bing Images

A picture of a dog?

Go to the link below for Google then select "images" in the top left corner, and search for "dog"

How can you get pictures to your zune?

To add pictures you must have the Zune software If you do open it....Then in the top right corner there will be a settings button....Click it...Then it should take you to a screen that says video music and podcasts and pictures.....Click add folder on pictures...Then you find the folder all your pic ( Full Answer )

Do you have a picture of a overseer?

This is a Question and Answer site. If you want pictures, you need to use a search engine like google.com or dogpile.com

Picture of Jupiter?

Go to google.com and click on Images and type in the words "god Jupiter" without quotation marks.

What does picture in a picture mean?

when there is a picture in a picture, we use the term, "inscribing" This is because, there is a picture, inside another picture.

How do you get pictures from your cellphone to your pictures?

\nOpen the phone's casing with a screwdriver. Then, find a magnet, wipe it over the phones hard drive. Try to open your computer case with a screwdriver as well, and wave the magnet over your hard drive. Just make sure the power is off on the computer when you do this or you could get shocked. When ( Full Answer )

Do you say in the picture or on the picture?

In the picture, if you're talking about something that is imaged (colors and shapes). You say "On the picture" if there is some object resting on top of the picture

Can you delete picture in your pictures document?

yes ,you can just left click on the picture and you will see a list of options listed out for you and the sixteenth word is delete. When you click the delete button you will see a link about "Confirm file delete". If you want to delete the picture you click "yes" if not you click "no". Then you go i ( Full Answer )

How do you get your picture on a stamp?

It depends on where you live. In the US, the first criteria is that you must be dead. The US doesn't allow living persons to be pictured on postage stamps. In most cases a number of years has to go by before it is allowed..

Are there pictures on Answers.com?

Many of the ReferenceAnswers pages also include images especially of people and even visual dictionaries like Visual Food Guide http://www.answers.com/library/Visual%20Food%20Guide

How can you buy picture?

The only way to buy a picture is to go to the picture store and choose a picture you like and buy it.

How do you blur a picture?

Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur is most used for blurring image but there are other blur options also.

How can you scan pictures?

What model is it? you usually just hit the "Scan" button, or if it has a touch screen go to "Scan", and select the type of document you want (pdf or document if it has text, and picture, bit, jpg, etc if it's a picture)

Why is there no picture on your TV?

There are many reasons why no picture is on a television but the question is impossible to answer without more information. Is the television on? What is the video source? what type of display is it? is there a backlilght on? Is there sound? Is the video source internally generated or external? Can ( Full Answer )

How do you insert a picture into a picture?

You cannot do that in MS Word. What you can do in theory is that you insert two pictures one on the another and then make one of them to be pushed to the back. But I strongly advise you to use some graphic program like paintbrush to perform this simple operation there.

How do you transfer pictures from Facebook to 'My pictures'?

the only way is to right click on the picture and click save picture as... then save it to my pictures Another way is to click download on the bottom left of the picture and when it is downloaded left click the bottom where it popped up after dl and click show folder then drag it to the folder ( Full Answer )

Is their a picture of the DRL?

I'm not sure I understand your question. DRL stands for daytime running lights. Your daytime running lights are on the front of your car; when you are driving, even if you have the headlights in the off position, the DRLs will be on. It's a safety feature.

How do you turn pictures to animated pictures?

if you display slightly different pictures at a frame rate of 30 frames per second or faster it can fool the eye into seeing motion. You can download G nu I mage M anipulation P rogram (GIMP) for free and experiment with animating .gif images. See Link.

Why are there pictures?

So that people can see what and how other people/objects are like in the past, present, or the misconceived future or for entertainment

What is a picture within a picture called?

Its called a picture within a picture The term is inset. A picture that has a smaller copy of itself within the picture, with the copy having an even smaller copy, that continues to (theoretically) infinity, is called a Droste Effect or recursive picture.

Can you have a picture of a hobbit?

There are many pictures of hobbits available. Tolkien has a couple of small versions in his original illustrations. Many other illustrators have done pictures for different editions and calendars. .

How to get pictures off my pictures into Facebook?

All you have to do is go on to your pictures on facebook then press uplaod pictures then you can browse . look in your documents for my pictures and then pic the pic that you want to put on facebook and then open it , it should then be loading on to facebook . :)

What is a good picture for a profile picture?

Really, any picture is suitable for a profile picture for websitessuch as Facebook, Twitter, etc. As long as it's you or somethingrelated to you (like things you are interested in), it certifies asa profile picture. Although, some websites require certain sizedpictures to be able to upload them as y ( Full Answer )

What is picturization?

Picturization means. pic·tur·ize   verb (used with object), to represent in a picture , especially in a motion picture ; make a picture of..

How do you put a picture on top of a picture?

Depends on what software you use. You can use Microsoft word and just insert pictures and format them with the picture format button to infront of text and crop. That's probably the easier way.

How do you get a picture behind a picture on Photoshop?

You must first place another image from Image > Place or drag from another document, then click on layer with image (layer with image which you want behind) on LAYERS palette and drag it below layer with image to be above.

What does the picture in picture function of cameras do?

The picture in picture function on cameras is for when one would want to record a video as well as being able to take a picture. The picture in picture that one would find on a TV set, would allow one to watch 2 TV shows at once.