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A claw

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What is large claw on a crab called?

The pincer.

What is a pincer of a crab called?

it is called the claws

What do you call a pincer of a crab?

Pincer, to technically, Cheliped.

What is it called when a crab grows a new pincer?

When a hermit crab grows it's called molting, they go underground for months to molt.

Special structure of a crab?

Pincer claws ,

What are the two front arms called on a crab?

The two large extremities are the claws, and the tip of each is a pincer.

How a crab protects itself?

It uses its shell and its large pincer.

What is the name of the pincer-like claw of a crab?


What happens when a hermit crab looses a pincer?

It grows back

What is a crab's claw called?

its called a pincer

What body parts of a crab protect it from harm?

Its shell and its pincers (particularly the larger pincer) help protect it.

What is the correct terminology for defining fine motor skills for grasping objects between the thumb and fore finger pincer or pincher?

It is called the pincer grasp.

What is the evolution of pincer in Pokemon?

Currently, pincer does not have an evolution.

Is it called crab pot or crab pod?

If you are reffering to the trap in crab fishing it is called the "pot".

What is a young crab called?

a baby crab is called larvae

What is a female crab called?

An edible female crab is called a hen.

Is crab meat?

yes, crab is meat. it is called crab meat.

What is a male hermit crab called?

A male hermit crab is called a geomanta

What is a ten legged crab called?

a ten legged crab is called a decacrab

What is the difference between pliers and pincer?

Pincer does not hold things like pliers can.

Why is the horseshoe crab called a horseshoe crab?

a horseshoe crab is called a horshoe crab because its sell looks like the shape of a horseshoe posted byb Sean I

What is the hard outer covering on a crab called?

The outer covering on a crab is called 'SHELL'.......

How do you get pincer on LeafGreen?

You buy Pincer using coins at the game corner in Celadon City.

What type of cancer can causes pincer nails?

Cancer does not cause pincer nails, but pincer nails may indicate an iron deficiency. Typically, a single pincer nail is the result of nail damage, ill-fitting shoes or a fungal infection.

What is it called when a baby picks up objects with it's thumb and index finger?

A pincer grasp