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What is the pitch in swimming?


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a swimming pool a swimming pool


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Not sure, but they water the swimming pools.

Verbs are not describing words.They are action words.

I was swimmingWe were swimmingYou were swimmingHe/She/It was swimmingThey were swimming

He went swimming in a swimming :)

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no, swimming is a real sport, syncronised swimming isn't

Floating is not swimming,yet it is a step to swimming.

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Nouns are not describing words, adjectives are the words that describe nouns. The word swimming is a gerund, a verbal noun.Some adjectives to describe the noun swimming are:frequent swimmingvigorous swimmingregular swimminglabored swimmingpaced swimming

floating is floating and swimming is swimming

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No swimming is not a noun; the word swimming is a verb.

No, swimming itself is not. However, there are swimming teams.

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natación This is 'swimming' the noun, not 'swimming' the participle. 'Swimming' the participle is nadando. To say, "The swimming team is swimming." in Spanish, you say, "El equipo de natación está nadando."

Swimming can be an adjective, e.g. swimming trunks, or 'a swimming head'. However, it can also be a noun, e.g. 'the sport of swimming', or a verb, 'the boy was swimming'. The present participle of "to swim" it is more technically a gerund used as a noun adjunct. Colloquiallly, a "swimming head" (from a head that is swimming, or confused) is an adjective.

Both - 'swimming is a verb, adjective and noun 1 we were swimming - verb 2 my swimming coach - adjective 3 swimming is good for you -noun

1.5 k in swimming is 1.5 kilometers of swimming or 1 and a half kilometers of swimming.

Men wear swimming trunks/ shorts when swimming.

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The clothing you would wear while swimming is the definition of swimming out.

if it is not swimming it is dead!

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